Saturday, February 02, 2008

Seven Functions of a Bibilcal Community

We have taken a look at the beliefs, the virtues and the practices in this series. Now, we are going to take a look at the purpose and how this will be carried out through various functions.

Essentially, they would focus internally on helping each other within the community to grow in their love for God and for their neighbor. Externally, the gathering of disciples would work together to love others outside of the group, as Christ would have them do.

Now, I am not sure why there are folks who throw up the yellow and red flags here and go, "this is not what God wants us to be doing." To me, it sounds like common sense and a great (biblical) understanding of how we should be doing life.

Acronymns are cheesey but they do make things easier to remeber things at times. So, the functions of the community spell out SERVICE.

Spiritual Formation
International Missions
Extending Compassion

I like what Francis Schaeffer says when he says, "Christian community is the final apologetic." Now, the group(s) do not get together in their group and divides these task up. Each individual carries out each task.

If anyone wants to know or expound how they see each function carried out with each group; please ask or give us suggestions and examples.

I know, this is very herectical. We step into the steps of Jesus and his disciples and follow their example of living.

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