Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve & Christmas

On Christmas eve, we had a few families over after the service. It was great to see so many kids jammed in the house and to hear the conversations going on with the parents. we had a small crowd (including us) of 14 kids and 9 adults. Pictures are below:

On Christmas day, we woke up, the kids open their gifts from us and then we did our advent reading and had breakfast. After breakfast, we watched the Christmas Story, set up the snack table and did nothing but veg for hours. My in-laws are here, so we then had time for present opening from them. Here are a few photos:

Christmas 2009 Photo

We attempted to get some pictures of the kids during the Christmas season. We were going to use them to pass out, maybe make cards, a calendar of at least to blow up and put in frames for the wall ---- my office.

We took some on the couch and then had them lay on the ground. We had them attempt to be serious and then to have fun, here are some of the pictures:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I cannot believe that it is Christmas Eve. I am over at church passing time till the evening activities. In about 30 minutes, we will be having Christmas Eve dinner with a family from church. After dinner, we will be heading over to the church for the 7pm service.

After the service, we are having desserts at the house. We will have 25-30 individuals over at the house for dessert. It will be a fun evening. I am looking forward to it, so much. I will definitely have the camera out.

Stacey's parents will also be traveling in from Illinois tonight. We will then spend some time together and getting the kids to bed, so we can prepare everything that needs to be prepared for Christmas morning.

Tonight will be a great night.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunday Night Live: Compassion

In December, at Sunday Night Live, we took a look at Compassion. I believe that this is one virtue that we definitely need to instill into the lives of our children. Here was the definition that we were working from:

I think that there is one verse in particular that rings loudly about compassion and that was the memory verse for the month. Here is the verse:

Week 1's bottom line:

Week 2's bottom line:

Week 3's bottom line:

I think that our community and our world would be a much better place if we implemented this virtue into our life and started to ask these questions.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Isaiah & His Bruises

The leg came from basketball, the face came from little bro: