Friday, September 28, 2007

WVU ... Ut-Oh

University of South Florida did not finish as strong as they would have liked; but that did not matter. They played well enough to beat WVU. USF made plenty of mistakes but WVU made more and did not do enough to win.

It is amazing in a sense that USF only wond 21-13. WVU played good defense tonight. They forced 4 turnovers. 7 USF points came on their defense scoring ( int ran back for a TD ) and 7 on a broken play ( WVU db's came to help in pursiit. It was a broken play but USF did not give up on it.

I have to be honest though, I am not sure what is going on with WVU play-calling. I think that they try to get too fancy with the sort passes and spreading out. I know Slaton got hammered a few times - photo shows that. HOWEVER, you have to give your lead back the ball more than 13 times in a game. He did avg. 4 yrds a carry tonight. No, that might not be "stellar" but 4 yards a carry will move the ball and if you give it to him enough - he will break one.

Back to the drawing board. But hey, a top 20 team .. still not too bad. There are a lot of teams out there that wish they were a top 20. Of course when you are a top 5 - you expect to keep winning and hope a few teams above you fall and you can have hopes of a NC.


The Return to Spiritual Formation

A person who claims to be a follower of Jesus claims to have a relationship with him. This means they know him, not just about him (Philippians 3:10). Yet, we have turned our churches into groups of people who are studying God as though they were taking a course at school or attending a business seminar. We aim at the head. We don't deal in relationships. And we wonder why there is no passion for Jesus and his mission?

Wrong Question:

How do we develop church members ?

We, churches, aim for this. We develop ministries in our churches that are geared to make people better church members. We want the individuals who come into our building and join the church. We want them to become a club member. We want to make sure that our new members understand the great benefits that they can receive with their membership.

Unfortunately, we have made following Jesus all about being a good club member. There are many wonderful people across the U.S. who have devoted their lives to the church. They fill all the roles that need to be filled and empty themselves out to the church. They look at their lives and see that their lives are not too much different from those outside of church and who have 'Sunday's" off. There is a misconnection and they begin to struggle with their beliefs.

Reggie says, " I think the solution is an abandonment of the church culture idolatry and a radical introduction of spiritual formation.

Tough Question

How do we develop followers of Jesus ?

The purpose for "framing" the question this way is the following: It shifts the conversation from the institution to people. This will also shift the conversation about "numbers". Numbers may still be used but they will be used to measure different aspects of ministry - not how many were at the building ( this is a tough shift ). our conversations then could be about where we see God (Jesus) at work in people and the community.

BTW, the "" on framing and numbers are reminders for me. Framing is coming from Brian McClaren's new book that I want to post on and numbers is the straw that broke my back on leaving YMX. Both of which I may post on later.

The following paragraph may be the most interesting paragraph of the book for me. Here it is: Instead of dumping a packet of church member stuff on them, why not interview them about what they would like to see happen in their lives in terms of their spiritual development and personal growth? He then goes on after the interview, this could occur: the life coach could then fashion a customized personal growth strategy for the person or family.

I really like this thought process and compare it to the gym. I remember when I was part of Gold's Gym, we all had trainers and each person at different goals. Depending on those goals, that is how our training program was developed. I would love for us as churches to do this. This would do a few things. These are the important things in my opinion:

1. The church is supporting the people NOT vice-versa
2. It places the spiritual growth upon the individuals to "carry out"
3. Places the training back at the home

I am still in the process of working out this life coach plan for each member. I have a few diagrams thrown out and a few of them, I think could be viable. In doing so, it would change the whole complexion of the church.

Reggie gives seven benefits of life-coaching. I am not going to go through them, owever, I will place a quote that I loved from him: Imagine helping people see how God can get into the life they already have instead of asking them to give up their life for the church.

So, what is the purpose of spirtual formation ? Many would argue what / how this would look like. I would say that it is more organic (doing life) than academic (curriculum) based. I will close with this final paragraph:

The community of faith should be an enviorment where the number one pursuit is the development of human beings created in the image of God and redeemed into his family through Jesus.

How do you spell S-C-H-O-O-L ?

The signage, located on state Road 426 at Reed Road in Oviedo, is posted to warn motorists that they are entering a school zone.

kInDa fUnNy

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walking Away from YMX

Yup, it is time. I have enjoyed my time in the forums but it is time for me to pack up my bags and move on. I have met a few great people on the boards. I will look forward to some of the communication on the blogs and at conventions where our paths may cross.

I have come to the conclusion that I am tired of dialogue and going in circles on certain subjects and butting heads with fellow Christians is just not worth it.

There have been a few topics lately that has spurred some debates and raised my blood pressure at times and I just can't / don't want to do it anymore. Issues on church, how to do you ministry, purpose of the church and etc are causing me to become fatique. Then there is the whole current events issues. I really only see eye-eye with a few people. Thus, I am going to remove my minor voice from the mix.

The latest threads on the church down the street (numbers), where to swim (deep or shallow) and what is the purpose of the church (few different threads) are the ones that have prompted this exit.

Once again, I thank you for the friendships. I thank you for challenging me. I thank you for showing me different perspectives ( though I have been where you are in most cases - so I do understand ).

May God continue to bless you (individuals) and your families and your ministries. God has called you for a specific ministry; may you reach that potential.

To YMX, thank-you for the vision and putting pieces together that came from the void of the YS forums. Besides the forums there are great things that you are doing and I hear there are many other things on your heart. May God bless you and may the ministry be fruitful. I will stop by the booth at NYWC.

Back to the Regular Schedule Program .... Whatever that means.

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Reformation: Releasing God's People

This chapter could be summed up in the following sentence: The new Reformation is about freeing God's people from the church (the institution).

So, what does the new reformation do ? It can be charachterized by a few of the following:

- church members no longer willing to allow clergy to script their spiritual journey
- moving the church closer to the world ( not home )
- distinquishes followers of Jesus from religious people
- it is about mission ( not church )
- drawing energy from the information revolution
- they help followers of Jesus live abundant and missional lives

The Wrong Question

How do we turn members into ministers ?

Alright, it is time for honestly. When I read this as the wrong question, it was like a punch in the stomache. This is (was) the question that I have been asking for years. I remember seeing this question all through my seminary career. My degree was in Practical Ministry with an empasis in Church Growth & Evangelism. I even had a class called Every Member a Minister.

As Reggie states: I cringe every time I hear that phrase, I do the same now. It may not seem like a bad thing but what usually occurs and what happens is that we are recruiting church members to get church work done.

Now don't get me wrong, I think church work needs to get done. HOWEVER, I believe that we need to think out side of ourselves and too often, we focus on the local church.

We have become pretty efficient in recruiting leaders for ministries. We give spiritual gift inventories, talk to them about their passion and then place them into ministry that matches their gifts and passions. But, we do this to fill church jobs. What would happen if we did this for "jobs" outside of the church ?

Reggie makes a statement that has me chewing and chewing and trying to digest it. Here is his statement: They (clergy) view the recruitment difficulties they are experiencing as a motivational issue rather than understanding the significant shift in how people are making decisions about how they will spend their lives.

I believe that there are many individuals out there that are looking for authentic relationships and they are wanting to live a missional life. HOWEVER, they realize that 'church work" will take up time, burn them out and cause them not to live out of their passion and love. We also fail when we think their gifts can only be used by God through Church Jobs. One final statement from Reggie that hits hard at home before we move to the tough question:

Laypeople see the disconnect in the every member in ministry strategy. They are voting by not lending their time, energy, and money to ministry vision that has the church as the primary beneficiary or recipient. Church has become increasingly irrelevant to their workday and home lives. Church ministry to them is an add-on activity to an already crowded life. They wonder why God can't use them where he has already embedded them - in their homes, workplaces, schools and community.

This is one area where I am treadding water and trying to walk the line.

Tough Question:

How do we turn members into missionaries?

We as a church need to see how we can deploy more missionaries into the community. This can be challenging for us because if we do this - there may be fewer people at the church and fewer programs that can be supported because people are out in the community transforming it.

We, Christians, love to live in the sub-culture that we have created. This also goes for church. We love surrounding ourself into church. It is safer there. Also, when we live in our church-bubble, it causes us to think about our church and not the kingdom at large and definitely not about our community.

NEWSFLASH: People are busy and are out there. Let's captalize on them being out there instead of us drawing them away from their influences and putting them in a building.

We as churches really need to have MISSION as the backdrop of everything that we do. This can be difficult for churches especially when we enter dialogue about being culturally relevant. We need to connect with the culture. Reggie says: you can not be faithful to the Great Commission without being relevant.

The greatest problem that I see is the unwillingness of those who attend church to connect with individuals who are outside of the church. I am not sure what we are afraid of ... maybe that they will "rub off on us" - I don't know. However, what happens is that we become more concerned about our club ( religious culture )than Jesus or the mission that He has set us out to do.

I am not sure where it exactly occurred, but we have become an "add-on". People think of the church has an add-on. We go to work, we go to play, we are involved in extra-curricular activities and we add on church when we have time. We have got to change this. We need to have Christ as part of our life - no matter where we are - do not segment your life out.

I am going to end on a quote from the book and will use another segment of the chapter as a different post since this post is becoming long. Here it is: The problem is that when people come to church, expecting to find God, they often encounter a religious club holding a meeting where God is conspicuously absent.

Pat White: WVU is 4-0

West Virginia's Pat White drops back to pass against East Carolina during the second half of a college football game Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007 in Morgantown, W.Va. White threw for two touchdowns and ran for two more and No. 5 West Virginia rolled up 599 total yards in overpowering East Carolina 48-7 on Saturday.

WVU's Pat White has silenced critics of his passing. He's connecting on 71.8 percent of his throws.

Yes, Pat can throw as well. WVU is off to a 4-0 start. Yes, I know that is where they should be. They will have a good test on Friday night down in Tampa vs. South Florida.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Long Week

It has been a very long week. Overall it has been a good one, but here are a few highlights for those of you who try to follow what is happening in our family life. I know that I have not blogged that much lately.


Sunday was a busy day with the three worship services at church, sunday school kick-off which included a rally, confirmation began ( I teach ), our Sunday afternoon ministry began.


Monday was a busy office day because I knew that I was going to be out of the office most of the week. Monday afternoon, I attempted to catch the ms girls volleyball game ( one of the girls from confirmation plays ) before I went to council. I only got to see warm up but had a great coversation with mom. Council meeting was excellent with fellowship and sharing about ministry.

It was also Bethany's first day of preschool in the state of O-H-I-O

The boys also had soccer foot skills.


Stacey did not have a great weekend and was in pain. Her surgeon was willing to see her so we went up there for an exam. the exam went okay but they decided another procedure was needed and scheduled it for Friday.

I came home and spent a few hours in the office. I came home for dinner and took the boys to a varsity girls hs soccer game. This accomplished a few things. One, it helped them understand defense a little better and we got to see a hs girl from our church play and talk to their parents.


I prepared most of my lessons and then had some family time before I went to meet with some guys from the church. We sat around and played cards and laughed and told stories. Following the night of cards .. Stacey, Isaiah and myself went to Cold Stone for ice cream.


We left at 5 am to drive up to Cleveland for Isaiah. He had an MRI done. I got back into town early in the afternoon and spent a couple hours in the office before going to an Upward Basketball coaches meeting and then to their school for a PTO meeting.

Friday (today)

We left at 4:30 in the morning to go to Cleveland. This time it was for Stacey and her procedure. The procedure seemed to go well. We got back around 3 pm. I took the kids over to the church building to play while I did some final prep - still have about 1-2 hours of work left. We then went over and grabbed some pizzas and ate them while vegging. Stacey is knocked out while Isaiah is watching tv, Jacob is running around like a mad man and Bethany is getting into everything upstairs.

It is almost time to stake out the spot on the floor and go nighty nighty. We have to be at the soccer field for Bethany's soccer game at 8:45

Church Growth To Kingdom Growth

About 30 years ago, the church growth movement hit North America. The movement came to us out of a response that the church had lost its mission. So, we did what we know how to do best - we trained consultants to go out and tell us to grow churches.

Out of this movement, we saw a few camps develop. One group was stating that if we did what God called us to do and were filling the Great Commission, the church would grow. The other camp was laying it at the feet of God .... God is responsible for it.

It has created a huge mess. I am currently in a youth ministry forum that is dealing with a number of threads on youth building, youth ministry numeroucal growth and target ministry to reach the masses. Some of the conversation to me is just sickening.

But, Reggie hits a point early on in chapter 2 when he says the following: the idea that churches should be growing put a lot of pressure on denominations and church leaders on whose watch the steam had gone out of post WW II church expansion.

Right and Wrong of the Movement

There were a few things that were right about the movement. The could include the following:

1. Wake up call to the church
2. It introduced the idea of missiological principles
3. Called to attention of the growing diversity of individuals
4. Brought cultural relevance to the front burner
5. Moved away from just church thinkers

There were definitely some things that were wrong with the movement. Here are a few of them:

1. Church Hopping
2. Mom and Pop churches "folded" to the Megachurch
3. Church leadership abused the church
4. Go Short of Sin to "bring up the numbers"
5. Celebrity church

These are some thoughts that come from the book. I have personally seen these principles take shape. They occur more in some places than others. Some of the most prevelant I have seen is from Lexington, Kentucky and Birmingham, Alabama.

There are numerous churches that are "growing". Well, their numbers are up but they are due to location move, church hoppers and engulfing the small church with great programs.

Reggie hits a homerun when he says: we have the best churches that men can build, but we are still waiting for the church that only God can get credit for.

So, we are looking at the wrong questions and the tough questions. Here are the questions for the church growth to kingdom growth.

Wrong Question: How do we grow this church (dow do we get them to come to us) ?

Tough Question: how do we transfor our community (how do we hit the street with the Gospel)?

Come to us Baby ....

This is what I think of when we are talking about church growth. We yell out to the community, come to us. This has caused us as church (congregations) to compete. It is kinda like Jerry McGwire ... Show me the .....NUMBERS. We are concentrating on numbers now so that has switched us into the customer service mentality. Yea .. now that really has helped us and had caused us to answer God's call. We now spend multi-millions to satisfy an increasingly high-maintenance consumer.

So, we are stuck in this methodology rat trap and we keep spinning and jumping from wheel to wheel hoping that the next thing will launch us into the right direction.


Let's take a look at the tough question ...

Reggie sums it up perfectly when he says, "churches that understand the realities of present future are shifting the target of ministry efforts from church activity to community transformation."

We need to be connected with God's heart and we need to have our heart break where His heart breaks and we rejoice in what brings Him joy.

We though are not connected with Him. We should be (since we are the church) but we are not. One of the reasons is that we have turned spirituality into a refuge mentality.

I am currently reading a book that is really challenging me. The book is called "The New Friars". It is a book of stories on individuals who are out there in the world, giving up everything to be with the people. The book is challenging me greatly and it ties into this question very well. I need to have my eyes open and my heart tuned to God so I can see where there is hurt and injustice and be there.

We have now become the pharisees and we need to hear His challenge and follow His example. Instead of "come and get it"; it was "go get 'em". Instead of withdrawing from people for the fear of contamination, he ate with them.

I think that the toughtst part is that when we hear this challenge, we think there has to be a new evangelism or outreach program to due this. This is understandable because of what business and what the church growth movement has taught us. But, we usually fail because it is nothing more than trying to "entice" the unchurched to come to church.

We as churches really need to take a proactive approach and see how we can staff and funnel our resources into community transformation. Each community is different and each transformation that needs to take place will look differently.

What is it in your community ?

One of the different aspects about this is highlighted in the book. Kingdom thinking does not force people into the church to hear about Jesus or maintain the church membership is the same thing as kingdom citizenship.

We need to be where they are at and we need to be meeting the needs of community. This is tough though because this means that we are not sure how to "measure success".

Final words for me today. I know that this has been long and I am not sure if anyone is still following but it is not our job to convict people of sin. We are to be out there showing them God's grace.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Out of the Depths

Over the last week, I have reading some words from a "new theologigan". Okay, she would not consider herself one and most people in the world would scream in protest to even suggest it.

The individual: Sinead O' Connor. Yes, the musician, the one who has caused a few uproars in her life. She has a new album out called "Theology". Very appropriate, right ?

Here are the words of one of her songs:

Out of the Depths

Out of the depths I cry to you oh lord
Don't let my cries for mercy be ignored
If you keep account of sins oh who would stand?
But you have forgiveness in your hands

And I've heard religion say you're to be feared
But I don't buy into everything I hear
And it seems to me you're hostage to those rules
That were made by religion and not by you

And I'm wondering will u ever get yourself free
Is it bad to think you might like help from me?
Is there anything my little heart can do
To help religion share us with you?

For oh you're like a ghost in your own home
Nobody hears you crying all alone
Oh you are the one true really voiceless one
They have their backs turned to you for worship of gold and stone

And to see you prisoner oh makes me weep
Nobody hears you screaming in the streets
And it's sad but true how the old saying goes
If God lived on earth people would break his windows

I long for you as watchmen long for the end of night


I have also been reading some interviews with her and here is a quote that made me think and ponder for a little awhile:

I usually find forgiveness easy because I have so much to be forgiven of. That kind of thing teaches you compassion.

Of course, we could get very controversal and talk about the song that she has team up about the current war ... I am not sure if some of you are ready for that one ..

What Were They Thinking

Christians who do this, UPSET ME greatly.

A Small Note ....

Michael Venyah, founder of Soulwinners Ministries International, said he and others from the organization were told to leave campus or they would be arrested for trespassing.

Venyah and the others had set up signs next to the Student Union and Lenoir Dining Hall and began to preach against homosexuality, masturbation and premarital sex.

The group held signs with provocative messages, such as "Homo sex is a threat to national security" and "Satan says that God loves everyone."


To tick off more people, they even did this on September 11.

Am I allowed to say, " I D I O T S "

Collapse of the Church Culture

Today, I am going to hash out some of the points from chapter 1 in the book "The Present Future". The chapter is called, "The Collapse of the Church Culture".

One of the statements in the opening chapter that sends shivers down my spine was the following: They are leaving the church to preserve their faith. For most church goers that just sounds messed up. However, if you place your ear to the pavement and listen to the vibes; it is true.

In the book, Reggie takes a look at questions. He takes a look at what is the wrong question and then what is the tough question. Let's take a look at them for the first chapter.

Wrong Question: How Do We Do Church Better?

I have to be honest, this question hit me hard. I have operated out of this concept for numerous years - more than I probably want to admit to. I mean, I went and got my masters degree in Church Growth & Evangelims. Why ? So, I could help churches do ministry better, so we can grow and we can reach more people.

Every week, I receive promos for new conventions, new seminars and new ministry helps that will make my ministry better and for us to be successful. We always seem to be looking for the next thing that will help us.

Reggie hits it on the head when he says, " no wonder people are skeptical about the next thing coming on the horizon ". We are so busy with our lives and we jam-pack the church calendar. Here is a newsflash from the book that I agree with greatly:

Church activity is a poor subsitute for genuine spiritual vitality.

The reason, people are searching for meaning in their life. I think we, churches, have sold them this line that if they are in worship, if they are in Sunday School, if they help out with ministry, if they .... and the list goes on and they keep placing check marks after the lists ...

HOWEVER, what it has produced is a group of people who are tired, depressed, fed up and dis-connected to the church. Which is very sad. Reggie makes another great point in the following manner:

In North America, these people have been led to believe that their Christian life is all about the church, so this failure of the church not only creates doubt about the church, it also leads them to all kinds of doubt about God and their relationship with him.

We, as churches, have decided to run and hide. We have built fortress ( church buildings ) and we hide inside of them. At times, we think that we will abide by the Great Commission and do an outreach event. We cringe to do so because we love to live in our bubble. However, the outreach event is really messed up as well (usually). Why ? Because we expect them to come to us and we want to get them cleaned up and have them part of us so we can be more comfortable with them. What a vicious cycle.

Reggie makes the following statement that I have been chewing on for weeks as he explains how this is the wrong question. Here it goes:

The point is, all the effort to fix the church misses the point. You can build the perfect church and they still won't come. People are not looking for a great church.

The premise: church hopping is for church people. Those outside of the church are looking for meaningful relationships and a purpose in their life. Also, he points out ( and this is tough ) that people outside the church think that church is for church people NOT THEM.

The conclusion: We can make the church better and we can "grow" the church by bringing along some church hoppers. The need for the church is not a methodological fix; it is a misson fix. Thus, Reggie states that this is the tough question that we should be easking:

Tough Question: How Do We Deconvert from Churchianity to Christianity?

This can be very hard. What has occurred in many circles is that we have forgotten about Jesus. Our focus has been more about the church ( the institution ). Now, please hear me, the institution can still be used as a vehichle to introduce people to Jesus. However, we need to make sure that we are converting people to Jesus and not to the church.

Reggie reminds us as I have seen in numerous arenas as well is the following: People may be turned off to the church, but they are not turned off to Jesus. the first time that I encountered this was in 1991 while I was playing basketball in the inner city of Indianapolis. Some of the guys said, " man if i could get &%^$# past the religion of church, I would love to have a relationship with Jesus ".

Those statements have shifted greatly though. People are now noticing they can have Jesus without the church. But, a scary thing is now, they are not associating Jesus with the church. They see the church has a religious club that they have no desire to be part of.

We need to get back to the mission. The church was created for us (people) to join God in his redemptive plan of the world. We have moved away from it and we (the church) has turned the focus to ourself.

Here is the good news. God is still active. He is still calling us to be part of the movement. We can answer the call. Do you hear the voice and are you willing to hear the call ?

We need to go out. We need to be with the individuals in the world. You are already there: in school, in work, social networks. Be Jesus to them. We have two powerful "weapons" ( I hate that analogy ) and they are grace and love. The world really is searching for God. However, they do not think they can find God in the church building, so they are out there on the search ....

Will you help them on their journey ??

I am still wrestling with how I will be doing this in my daily life. I am looking forward to the journey. I am also thankful that I am part of an "institutional church" that is missional and moving more and more that way daily ( I believe ).

I will be revisiting this soon on my personal journey and our church jouney. Chapter by chapter, we shall go.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Fair

Last week was Fair Week. Wayne County Fair is one of the biggest fairs in the state and it is in our back yard. Well, not literally in our back yard but we can and did walk to the fiar from our home. We went over there two days. Went to see some of the animals and ride rides on Monday and then went there for food on Wednesday. Here are some pics of them riding and one of an animal.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello .. My Name Is ...

Jeff Greathouse and I am a Soccer Dad ...

Well, to be honest, I am soccer dad x3

I can not believe those words are coming from my mouth or my fingers as I type. I would have never dreamnt of being a soccer dad. Now, all three of my kids are in soccer and today ..... we watched 3 games.

Bethany had a soccer whiz on her team. She was amazing. I think she scored 17 goals and that is really no exagerration.

The boys are on the same team and they played a double-header. They lost their first game 9-6. The second game was a tie 4-4. Jacob had a ball running around and laughing. Isaiah was his aggressive self and was taking people out left and right trying to get the ball.

More soccer news as the season develops.

Bethany & Brace

Well, I am way behind in blogging on some areas that I wanted to blog about. So, I will start this moning and maybe I can catch up a little bit this afternoon ane evening. We have 3 soccer games today.

Below are a couple pictures of Bethany modeling her brace.

She is doing great with the brace. She is wearing it and doing a great job of not complaining and having it as part of her life. I hope and pray that she continues to do so without knowing how long this journey may be for her and that the brace will help with her curvage.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bernie .. Bernie .. Bernie

As I am in the office, I am listening to sports talk radio. The Cleveland fans are going nuts with their performance over the Steelers. I can understand it because the Steelers just destroyed them ( which I enjoyed ).

The conversation is whether or not that they should throw Brady in. Bernie Kosar was on the radio speaking about the issue. He did state a fact that it is more than the QB .. there were other elements. However, I had to shake my head when he said the following:

"Hell, Jesus could of been back there as the QB and we (cleveland) would still be 0-1"

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oohhhhh Yea

I will post a pic of Hines, since he is the "face of the Steelers" but wow did the Steelers D look good and Holmes play great. Way to play smash mouth fb and win big.

Go Big Blue ....

You are not hearing that much now adays from Ann Arbor. Michigan has tanked. After the embarrassing loss to App State, Oregon came to the Big House and revenge was on their mind .... not a chance. Oregon ran all over them and threw the ball at will. They racked up 600+ yards and could have done more.

This is what Michigan saw most of the time ....

ANN ARBOR, MI - SEPTEMBER 08: Jonathan Stewart #28 of the Oregon Ducks tries to break the tackle of Tim Jamison #90 of the Michigan Wolverines during third quarter action on September 8, 2007 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Oregon won the game 39-3. (Photo By Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)


The game was on ABC and a fan decided that he needed to do one of the acronym signs .. here it is

Carr .... I think you are done and the phone at LSU is ringing

Saturday, September 08, 2007

WVU ~ 2-0

It was a little scary for the first 36 mins. WVU needs to run and run hard. They were trying to be "too cute" in the 1st half but they did what they were suppose to do win by 25.

No. 3 West Virginia separated itself from Marshall, pulling away in the second half for a 48-23 victory on Saturday

Friday, September 07, 2007

Suspect in Madeline's Death

The story has come and gone over the last month (has been ongoing over 4 months)and there looks to be some breaking news. I have given a little info below .. nothing is obviously confirmed but they dod have a "suspect" ... MOM

the story from cnn

Police on Friday named Madeleine McCann's mother Kate a suspect in her disappearance, and said the girl's blood was found in a vehicle the family rented 25 days after reporting her disappearance, according to a family spokeswoman.

Kate McCann arrives at the police station in Portimao on Friday for further questioning.Madeleine McCann's blood was found in a car her parents rented 25 days after they reported her disappearance, Justine McGuiness told CNN.

Kate McCann was seen going into the police headquarters in Portimao, a town in Portugal's Algarve region, on Friday morning. She was questioned for almost 11 hours the day before, and left looking visibly shaken and drained, according to CNN's Paula Hancocks.

Portuguese authorities made no public statement on the latest developments.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Present Future: Part 1

I am going to be doing a series on this. For me, it is agoing to be a journey. The journey will not only reflect my thoughts on the issues in the book, but how they play out in my ministry context and I will also be giving insight from our church as our church council works through the book.

Here is the "summary" on the inside flap.

Many of the old beliefs held by church leaders and congregations read as if they are self-evident, irrefutable truths - if you bild the perfect church they will come .... Growing your church automatically makes a difference in the community ... Developing better church members will mean better evangelism .... Time has failed to produce the evidence of these claims.

In the book, Reggie debunks these and other old assumptions and provides an overall strategy to help church leaders move forward in an entirely different and much more effective way.

It is a 6 chapter book with each chapter focusing on a reality that he believes the church must address. I am looking forward to expressing his thoughts and then processing them. The book is stirring inside me and they (the book thoughts) are flowing through in some of my conversations (ym boards) and people are disagreeing .. and I think that is great because it shows the struggle we are having in the church.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Are we Poor ?

This video needs to have a shout out to Heather. Thanks for posting it on your blog. This video is from Australia and was their promo for their 40-Hour Famine. It spoke volumes to me ..... this will make me finish / complete my post about anger in the near future.

Vandals Smash Police Car

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Police in Miami Township are looking for the person or persons who destroyed a parked police cruiser.

Officers said that late last week, someone stole a backhoe from Loveland Excavating and drove it about 200 yards to a parking lot at the Miami Township Civic Center, WLWT-TV in Cincinnati reported.

Once there, police said the vandals dropped the bucket on a police cruiser, smashing its passenger compartment.

No arrests have been made.

This was our local news station news today ... hmmmm

I would love to hear more.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Isaiah is 10 !

U N B E L I E V E A B L E !!!!

I can not believe it. Time has flown. It was a simple day.

We had Chili ( his dinner choice ).

We went to the skate park ( he rode his skooter on the ramps )

We are about to have dessert ( yummy )

He is our miracle and he is awesome. Has they would have said in Alabama ...

Isaiah, " you rock my face off "

A Year Ago ???

This afternoon, we were watching the Crocidlie Hunter. Has it really been a year since his death ??? I can not believe it. Here is an article on the family:

HER dad was always larger than life and Bindi Irwin has ensured Steve Irwin's legacy has not been overshadowed by his death.

Bindi has taken over living the legend of wildlife warrior, elevating her famous father's vital conservation work to new levels in countries as such as Indonesia and India as well as back home at his beloved Australia Zoo.

But even the youngster with her cut-down khakis will be taking today off from the world stage.

Widow Terri, Bindi, 9, and brother Robert, 3, will spend the first anniversary of the Crocodile Hunter's death in a private location in the US.

It is believed they are staying with Oregon-born Terri's family.

A year since a sting ray fatally speared its barb into 44-year-old Steve Irwin's chest while he filmed one of his nature documentaries on Batt Reef near Port Douglas, Terri Irwin wants the anniversary to be a "quiet, private day".

Irwin's beloved Australia Zoo, at Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast, which became a makeshift shrine in the days after his death, will operate as usual today with no special events planned, an Australia Zoo spokeswoman said.

Instead, the Irwins will celebrate his life on November 15, to be known as Steve Irwin Day, when fans will be encouraged to wear khaki, camp out in their backyards or visit the zoo for a number of special events.

"September 4 is a day for Steve's family, friends and fans to reflect, whilst November 15 will be a day of celebration, just the way Steve would have liked," a statement on the zoo's website said.

While Bindi spreads her dad's message while promoting her own clothing line, his legacy continues at Australia Zoo where construction work has started on what will be the world's largest wildlife hospital.

As well, the zoo's khaki army continues his research work with an annual crocodile research expedition to Far North Queensland and two key koala research projects.

In recognition of Irwin's standing and contribution to science, the University of Queensland had been about to appoint him as an adjunct professor just before he died.

Professor Craig Franklin said Irwin had not known about the impending appointment. "He would have been honoured and at the same time would have probably passed it off with a typically Australian response," Professor Franklin said.

"His outward expression, passion and love of animals, great and small, has empowered us all to be wildlife warriors and protectors of the environment.

"This is the legacy that Steve Irwin leaves behind and one we must continue for the sake of future generations."

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Big Pig

This is one large pig that got sacrificed. It weighed approx. 2,000 lbs.

The world's heaviest pig has been sacrificed as part of a religious ceremony, sparking fury among animal welfare groups.

The animal, which was force fed sand and metal to reach its record breaking weight of 908kg (143 stone), could not even stand as it had its throat slit at the ritual in Taiwan.

Activists filmed the animal squealing in terror before it was bled to death and paraded before a crowd on Saturday – even though officials have banned the event.

The annual Pig of God festival involves a heaviest pig contest, with the winner sacrificing their animal in honour of the president.

A World Society for the Protection of Animals spokesman said: 'We want to bring a complete end to this grotesque freak show.'

Police in the town of Hsin Chu are reluctant to enforce a ban on the contest.

My Blog is Worth .....

My blog is worth $8,468.10.
How much is your blog worth?

So, how much is yours worth ??

I have no idea how it computes, what it means or ......