Saturday, October 10, 2015

Grace First

I cannot believe that I have been at Grace First for four weeks. It has been a very busy YET fantastic four weeks. Worship attendance has been up, worship committee has been formed, confirmation has started and there seems to be excitement in the air.

I am still working on my schedule. Scheduling with the university chaplain position and the solo position at Grace first plus schooling (CPE) is definitely making the hours push up there but for the time being, I am managing.

Last Sunday was the first time that I presided over Holy Communion as the Vicar and on staff with them. We (I) decided that we would do communion in a manner that they had never done before. I think that overall it went well. I tried to create a hybrid of what both congregations were use to. Thus, we had individuals come up to receive the elements after the initial liturgy and then they returned to their seats and we finished the liturgy (words of institution) and took the bread and the wine (grape juice) together.

This Sunday, we have a baptism. The baptism will be the first for me at Grace First and it will also be officially the first baptism as the united Grace First Parish.