Friday, December 14, 2012

Minnesota Snow

I took this picture on Sunday, December 9th, from the back of our church. We ended up cancelling services because of how bad the weather was in town. But, staff was hanging out at the building to let individuals who came out that our services were cancelled. This was our (my) first real MN snow and my phone captured the beauty.

Monday, December 03, 2012

A tear

On Wednesday, one of the teenagers asked me if I ever cried being separted from my family during this time of transition. The question caused me to reflect for a moment and to be honest, it took me off guard. I do not think that anyone has asked me that question over the last 2 1/2 months. My response was that tears have come but it has not been an all out cry like when I departed Indiana to come to Minnesota or when I left them over Thanksgiving to come back to Marshall.

However, there are "triggers" that cause tears. Some of them may seem odd, but they are neverless triggers and they cause a tear to come down my face. Matter of fact, since the question was asked, only 4 1/2 days have passed but there has been a trigger for my wife, my daughter and my boys.

Here were the three triggers that have occurred over the last few days:

On Thursday, my daughter called me on her way to chemotherapy to let me know that she had landed a duet in her Christmas choir performance. The joy that she had was so exciting to hear and the happiness that she had that Stacey may be able to call in or video tape it and I will watch it later was definitely there. A tear fell because I am not going to see the performance "live and in person". I definitely miss those moments. I don't think that I ever took them lightly and treasured each opportunity to see our kids performing but now that I am gone and missing sporting events, band concerts, choir events, musicals and more; wow, it is tough.

On Saturday, as I was preparring for the Cookie Walk, a tear came down my face for my wife. Stacey loves to cook and bake and if they were in Marshall, I know that she would love the event. She would have definitely made cookies and she would have been at the event with me. Stacey has always been there and supported me and has helped out immensly in my ministry. We have always been together and she helps my ministry in numerous ways. She is not there. I miss her being by myside. Yes, I miss her help greatly but more than that, I miss her presence and us doing life together.

It may be crazy, I know. But, a tear came down my face on Saturday evening around 6:57 pm. Here is the crazy picture that prompted the tear. I know it is crazy, but let me explain (below the picture):

Georgia fell 5 yards short. My tear was not because Georgia lost. I wanted Alabama to win. The tear came because I had a flash back to 11 months ago. Isaiah, Jacob and myself went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate way too many wings as we watched Alabama win the National Championship. Jacob is a huge Bama fan. We lived in Alabama for 3 years. He chose Alabama. When we moved to Alabama, I told them that they had to choose either Alabama or Auburn. He was 4, he chose bama because of the elephant, but it has stuck for the last 9 years. Side note: Isaiah chose Auburn because Melissa Joseph had on an Auburn shirt the first Sunday he was at church. So, as Alabama celebrated and Georgia was "rejected"; a tear came down my face because when the National Championship game comes around, I will not be with my boys watching it. Connection-Relationship with my boys.

It has been 2 1/2 months since I have been in Minnesota.I love Marshall, I love St. Stephen and I love SMSU. But, wow, do I miss my family and I cannot wait till we are all together under one roof. If by chance you are reading this and are taking family for granted; please pause a moment and enter a moment of thanksgiving for the time that you have.

Ella, thanks for asking the question.