Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Who Stole My Church

Who Stole My Church: What to Do When the Church You Love Tries to Enter the 21st Century is a fictional story that was written by Gordon MacDonald. Here is the information from the back cover:

A storm hits a small New England town late one evening, but the pelting rain can't keep a small group of church leaders from gathering to discuss issues that have lately been brewing beneath the surface of their congregation. the men and women assembled are all long time Christians, mature adults, and dedicated church members. They could see their church was changing. The choir had been replaced by a flashy "praise band." The youth no longer dressed in their "Sunday best." The beautiful pipe organ sat unused. Even they felt out of place and uncomfortable in a church that had, until recently, felt like home. how will this group set out to fix what has become a deep rift in their fellowship? How will young and old relate to one another's need? Can the unity of their church survive, or even thrive?

Whole Stole My Church is a fictional story that reflects the all-too-real situations of many church communities today, where loyal and long standing members can feel pushed aside by the new demands of evangelism in the twenty-first century. In this book you can walk alongside an imaginary community, led by a real-life pastor Gordon MacDonald and his wife, Gail, and discover how to meet the needs of all believers without abandoining the dreams and desires of any.

My Insights ......

With this being a story (fictional), I am not going to "give" too much away; in case you decide to go out and read the book. This was another book that I read while on vacation and I took many breaks to play with the kids, eat with the family and walk on the trails. When I returned to the book, I was always interested in seeing what was going to happen in the next meeting the pastor had with the small group.

The story is very well written and you can get into the lives of the church and see the struggles that are going on. For myself, there was symphathy and emphathy has the church struggled through the changes that was occurring in their church.

I think that the book would be very good for leaders and churches that are contemplating changes in how they do church. He even has set the book up for it to be " a study book " with Points to Ponder at the end of the book.

If you are looking for a good fictional book about church life; this book is for you.


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Brandi Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book - it has been a life-changing read for me, and my church will soon be starting a small group study as we prepare for the changes that must happen to keep the church from dying out.

Sorry about the spam comments that were left on this post, but that's one of the unfortunate side effects of the internet.

God Bless!