Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Intergenerational Ministry

In many of my interviews, I have been happy to see many churches talking about inter-generational ministries. For most, it is a dream and a goal for them; many have not moved in that direction, because they are not sure how or they are affraid that if they do; they will lose families because it will not be as "attractional".

This morning, I received an article from churchleaders via my email that tackles the subject. I want to encourage you to go over there and read the article: Bridge The Gap. Kurt Johnson shares some practical advice on how we can build a bridge between the two cultures and then make the bridge smaller.

Far too long, in my opinion, we have built silos and are proud of them. But, I believe silos are very dangerous to church life. However, if you are going to attempt to tear the silos down; be prepared that there will be many that will not appreciate seeing the silos come down. The main reason, if you do ministry via silos; you can measure success a little easier and the end results (numbers) can come faster.

The Last Two Weeks

The last two weekends, we have been out of town visiting and interviewing with potential churches. Mother's Day weekend, we were in Iowa City, Iowa and this past weekend we were in Springfield, Illinois. In between those two, during the week, I was in Madison, Wisconsin looking at a church community and interviewing.

All three of the churches are vastly different from each other but each one of them is caring out the vision that God has called them to. It is great to see churches being involved in the ministry and seeing the differences that they are making in the community.

I am going back out to Iowa City this weekend to meet more individuals. With it being Mother's Day, I met the fewest people there. Also, during that time, I am giving a presentation to them on the Orange Philosophy and why it means so much to me.

All three visits and interviews went well; however, I am not sure if any of them will offer. We will see. i should know from all three of them within the next 7 days and for us as a family to decide which direction we feel would be the best bet for our family.

More Later