Thursday, February 28, 2008

It is Heating Up

The day for voting is coming closer and the candidates are making their big push to win the voters over. I have received emails to go and listen to Bill Clinton on Friday and then an invite to listen to Chelsea on Saturday.

Bill Clinton is in town here in Wooster.
Chelsea Clinto is in Akron (45 mins).

Chelsea's visit in Akron is bring numerous woman out who are in leadership positions. They seem to be trying to "nail" down the woman votes with this pit stop.

Maybe, I will post more on these later.

Now, there is something else is "heating up" and that is the Obama / McCain spit fest over Iraq. I think that Obama painted himself in the corner a little and he is grasping for anything to get out of it. I am sure that he wishes that he could have his comments about Iraq back during the debate.

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