Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tumor Is Shrinking

Today, Bethany had an MRI and chemotherapy. A long day for her. But, we received great news. Her tumor is continually shrinking. Here is a little bit of information for the picture above:

WE HAVE SHRINKAGE! The tumor shrank approximately another 4 mm. The tumor started out at 25mm. After the first 12 weeks, the MRI showed 11mm shrinkage. This time (another 12 weeks) it shrunk 4 more mm. On the photo: The one on the left is today, the next one over is the one from November and the one second from the right is last June when we discovered the tumor had grown. The tumor is the bright white spot on the bottom left.

Bethany just finished up week 25 of 70. So, she has a long way to go but this is fantastic news. We thank God for the continue presence in our lives. We thank him daily for the doctors, nurses, and medicine that enables this to occur.