Thursday, March 06, 2008

Generation of Hope: Zimbabwe AIDS Crisis

Yes, the video is 10 minutes and 23 seconds long but it is from the individuals themselves in Zimbabwe. To hear it from them and to look into their eyes is something special.

The thing that amazes me is their smiles and their laugh. With everything that they go through, they have wonderful spirits. That was the thing that amazed me when I went to Ghana. These are the children that are left behind.

What can you ... What can I ... do to help ?


Wonder Woman said...

I can't watch the video... it makes evokes great sadness within me, knowing there are children out there who don't choose to suffer. It's a way of life, survival.

WW :(

Jeff Greathouse said...


I understand. I have to force myself to watch it. They are definitely not on a fair playing field and we (I believe) need to do things to help out.