Friday, March 07, 2008

Lost: Season 4, Episode 6 - Recap

The episode "featured" Juliet. However, we had quite a few other sub-plots mixed into the episode which included the following:

Locke and Ben. Their relationship and battle of wits are quite entertaining to watch. Locke seems to think that Ben is on the same page with him now and has given him great truth about their common enemy and who it may be.

Faraday and Charlotte They disappeared during the night and they are on a mission. Ben seems to still be in control (someway/somehow) and he sends Harper to Juliet with a message. We now know about Harper and her connection to Juliet. We know the "other woman" is Harper. The message is a simple message: He (Ben) wants Juliet to kill Faraday and Charlotte. For you see, Ben believes he "owns" Juliet.

Back to Juliet ......

She goes to do her mission (after she eluded Jack)

Juliet arriving at the Tempest station. She goes inside and finds Faraday at the station's control center working at the computer. Juliet holds her gun on him and orders him to get away from the computer. He says he can't do that. Faraday says he's trying not to release the gas he's trying to make it safe. Suddenly, Charlotte attacks Juliet from behind. They fight, but Juliet grabs her gun and holds it on both them. She orders Faraday to stop, but Charlotte says they're trying to disable it before Ben can use it against them. The countdown continues. Faraday frantically works to stop it. Then, with only seconds to spare, he's able to stop the process and disables the gas.

Jack and Kate catches up and this is what occurs (ahhh, what a touching moment)

Jack and Kate catch up with Juliet and Charlotte as they're leaving the Tempest station. Charlotte takes Kate inside to explain how she and Faraday just saved everyone's life. Juliet tells Jack that the freighter people came to wage a war against Ben but Ben is going to win, and she warns Jack that he doesn't want to be near her when he does. Ben feels that Juliet is his, and he knows how she feels about Jack. Jack leans in and kisses her. Passionately. Defiantly. He tells Juliet that Ben knows where to find him.

Of course though, the show has to end on a hmmmmmmmmmm moment and here it is:

At the barracks, Locke takes Ben upstairs to the living room, and Ben gets a tape out of a safe. It's footage of Charles Widmore beating some guy to a pulp. Ben tells Locke that Charles Widmore is the man trying to find the island and it's him who sent the freighter. Widmore wants to exploit the island, and he'll do everything in his power to posses it. The man beaten is someone working for Ben whom Widmore caught. Ben gives Locke a file containing everything he has on Widmore. In return, Locke lets Ben have his freedom, and no one is happy about it.

So, what did you think of the episode ?
Who will be revealed as the Oceanic 6 next week ?
What will Kate find when she is in the station ?
What is Locke thinking ?
Where is our pal with the grenade ?

And ohhhhhhhh so much more could be asked


Roland said...

I didn't read the post.
I only started reading your posts recently.
What are you trying to do?
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Jeff Greathouse said...


My "readership" is too low to purposely drive people away from mysite.

I apologize for the Lost posts. Normally, there is one a week (recap).

It is the way for me to have Lori as a reader :)

I applaud you for not reading !!

Roland said...

It ain't easy, brother!