Monday, March 17, 2008

It Is Holy Week !!!

This morning as I put on my shoes in the living room, I was reminded that it is Holy Week and my first thought was, "it does not seem like Holy Week".

I am not sure if it is the time of the year (early) or that the Holy Week schedule this year seems "uncrowded". But that is how I was feeling.

Some of that changed when I arrived at the church and realized that Maunday Thursday and Good Friday were close and there was still work to do regarding these events.

This year, we are the "hosts" for the Sedar Meal. This should be very interesting. I am hoping that I can pull it off and that I will not stumble over the scripture readings and the leader portions of the program.

I think that I am more concerned with making a mess with the food or doing something completely wrong as people are looking to/at me to see "how it is done". I can see it now, I will have haroseth all over me as it drips from the bitter herb.

Thus, this morning, I met with individuals from the church to make sure that I knew what I was going to be doing and for us to make sure that everything was in place or as close to in place as it can be.

I also then went over video and sound for the Good Friday Service. I am leading the service. The service is one that I have done before but it is "new" to/for this church. We are doing a Reverse Advant. It should be a good service and I think it will highlight what the disciples were feeling as Jesus was taken away from them.

It will be a little "dark and gloomy" but that Friday was not a great time of celebration. But, hey, anytime you can have a Beetles song in the service, it has to be great, right ?

More on those services and Holy Week moments that stand out to me throughout the week.

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Wonder Woman said...

It's odd having St. Paddy's Day and Easter within the same week (kinda)...