Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wanna Go Muddin' ???

I did today. Here is proof.

Front Driver Side

The Front Passenger

Kids With Muddy Car

The kids and especially the wife was not too thrilled to be traveling around town in the muddy car. We did get the car a bath after the b-day party.

I did not mean to go muddin' on purpose. This morning, I went to take Bowzer (our moose) to the the dog kennel. After, I dropped him off, I circled around into the turnaround (kennels driveway) and I plummeted down about 5 inches. The car would not move. I was completely stuck.

We had to call for a tow truck to come and "wrench us" out. What a way to start the morning. After the tow truck got me out of the mud, I raced back to town in time for the Easter Egg Hunt.

The tow bill and the car wash bills are in the hands of our wonderful kennel.

So, no, I did not decide to go muddin. If I would do that, I think that I would choose something other than the family minivan.

If anyone has a 4x4 and one that is lifted and wants to tear some up mud, let me know. I may be "in" today after a little taste of it.

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