Sunday, March 09, 2008

An Even Playing Field ??

There are some fields out there that need to be leveled. We live in a world that has many unlevel playing fields and some of them need to be leveled out.

There is one, to me and others, that is crying out louder than all the rest and that is the trouble that is facing our brothers and sisters in Africa. The hand that they are dealt is "not fair". The field that they are playing in is so lopsided to what we have here in the United States.

My heart goes to the infants in Africa who are infected with HIV and their mom and dad have already died to the disease. They have no resources in their small village. They truly are hopeless.


There are no geographical limit's to God's love. God loves me just as much as he loves the little African babies. The little baby in Africa was created in His image, just like we were. There is no difference in God's eyes. But there is one difference in my eyes - one that compels me to reconsider my abundance and the manner in which I view the world around me. She was born in Africa. An Africa where povery, disease and death are more ubiquitous than Starbucks (Davis, Pg. 45).

If I remember correctly, we have a responsibility. The reason that we have a responsibility is because we are called to love our neighbor and we learn from Jesus that our neighbor is not the house that you can see. It extends to everyone. We, as Christians, must reach out to those in need.

The numbers are staggering. Do you realize how many orphans there are in Africa due to AIDS ? Here is the number 15.2 million. Yes, 15.2 million children are without mom and dad because the disease has destroyed them and thier familes.

We can make a difference.


Wonder Woman said...

Beginning how?

WW :)

Jeff Greathouse said...


There are many ways and I will be doing several posts on this subject over the next week.

The first aspect is to seek a way to connect to the cause.

For me, that includes raying for them and then connecting with agencies that are helping bring medicine, food and water to the orphans.

The next step will be connecting with agencies that are placing workers in the community and building orphans to help them.

More later.

Thanks for asking.