Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost: Season 4, Episode 7

Alright, so we spent some time on the freighter in this episode

On the freighter, Keamy checks in with Lapidus and asks if he's ready. Lapidus says he'll be ready. Keamy warns him not to be late. Lapidus continues below where he runs into Regina, who is standing guard outside sick bay, where Sayid and Desmond are. Regina is acting strange, and Lapidus notices the book she's reading is upside down. Lapidus brings Sayid and Desmond food cans of lima beans. Sayid asks if Lapidus has had contact with their friends, and Lapidus says no, something must have happened to their phone.

Sayid and Desmond are slipped a note that reads, "Don't trust the captain." The doctor comes in and tells them that the Captain would now like to talk to them. As he leads them up, Sayid notices the helicopter is gone and asks where Lapidus went. The doctor doesn't know. Desmond watches as Regina steps up over the railing with a piece of heavy metal chain wrapped around herself and jumps overboard! They scramble to do something, but a voice bellows out for them to stop. They look up and see the captain standing on the bridge. He tells them she's gone and orders everyone back to their posts.

Sayid and Desmond meet Captain Gault. Sayid asks why he didn't do anything to save Regina. Gault says he didn't want to lose anymore crew. He thinks the crew is experiencing a heightened form of cabin fever because of their proximity to the island. Sayid asks why don't they just turn around. Gault says they've tried but someone sabotaged their engines. He's been working around the clock to repair them. Once it's done, Gault's orders are to move to safer waters. Sayid asks whom he gets his orders from, and Gault tells him Charles Widmore.

Desmond is shocked it's Charles Widmore's boat. Gault shows them the black box recovered from flight 815 on the bottom of the ocean. Gault tells them it took a considerable about of Widmore's resources to procure it. The wreckage was obviously staged, and Gault asks who could arrange the resources and manpower to pull off a feat like that. Who could fake the recovery of a plane crash? Where does one find 324dead bodies? That is just one reason why they want Benjamin Linus.

As the doctor leads Sayid and Desmond to their new quarters. However, there's still a dried blood stain on the wall. The doctor notices a deckhand down the corridor and orders him to mop it up. As the man comes into the light, we see it's Michael! The doctor introduces him as Kevin Johnson. Sayid stares at him hard but doesn't betray his cover.

Sun & Jin

Talking about confusing !!! We think that we are seeing flashforwards from both Jin & Sun, but we are only seeing a flash forward from Jin, we are seeing a flashback from Jin !!! One of my YMX pals informed me that the "flashback" was 2000 because of the tear of the dragon. He also noticed that the tombstone of Jin had his death the day the flight went down (that opens numerous q's)

Before we get to that Juliet had to share with Jin that Sun was "unfaithful" in an attempt to keep them both at the beach and not going to Locke.

At the beach camp, Jin returns to his tent. Jin tells Sun he understands who he used to be, a man who withheld his affections, who cared more about his job than her. So he understands whatever Sun did was a reaction to that man, and he forgives her. Sun cries and tells Jin she loves him. Jin says he loves her, too. He tells her he'll go to Locke's camp with her, but Sun says she doesn't want to go. Juliet was very convincing. They have to get off the island no matter what it takes. Jin promises to protect her and the baby, but he asks one last thing. Is the baby his? Sun says yes, it's his. She hugs him and confesses that she thought she lost him. Jin tells her she will never lose him.

At a Seoul hospital as Jin rushes down a hallway. He finds a Chinese security agent guarding a room and asks to speak to the Ambassador. He comes out, and Jin presents the panda as a symbol of Mr. Paik's eagerness to do business with the great country of China. The Ambassador accepts the gift and says he will call Mr. Paik to set up a meeting. As Jin heads out, a nurse asks him why he's leaving. Jin says it wasn't his baby he's only been married two months. Suddenly we realize Jin wasn't rushing to see Sun. His story was different from Sun's. It wasn't a flash-forward it was a flashback.

In Sun's flash-forward. She's in her apartment as the doorbell rings. It's Hurley, and Sun can't believe he actually came. Hurley asks to see the baby, and Sun lets him hold her. Hurley says she looks just like Jin. They leave and go to a graveyard. But it's not any grave they're paying their respects to it's Jin's. Sun holds the baby up to the gravestone and says the delivery was hard on her. She wished he could've been there. She named the baby Ji Yeon like he wanted. Sun starts crying and says she misses him so much. And we realize that whatever happened between the island and Sun's future, Jin isn't in it.

The Show

The plot and the twists completely amaze me. I get more "lost" as each episode continues. I like how they are developing the stories longer with specific charachters HOWEVER .....

- what is going on with Ben being out ?
- what is mr. grenade man doing ?


Wonder Woman said...

Nice pecs...



Fenrisar said...
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Jeff Greathouse said...

WW: *shakes head*

Lori said...

UGG!!! This show is frustrating. It's like a wreck that you can't help but look at;-) The Jin, Sun story line totally threw me.

Jeff Greathouse said...


Yes, I thought they were both flashforwards. If I knew my Chinese calendar; I would have known it was not the case.

The store clerk mentioned that it was the year of the dragon - which was in 2000.