Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Voting Day

At 6:30 this morning, we headed up to Cleveland. We hit downtown Cleveland at about 7:45 and there were many banners out and there were quite a few college students on the corners holding up their signs. Everyone of them was Obama supporters.

As we went up to the Clinic, Stacey was asking me if I had settled in for my choice. I have been wavering a "smidge". I would say that it was always about 75% sure that I was voting for one particluar candidate. However, there was always that possibility; especially since I thought it was a 100% slam dunk about 6 months ago.

When we came back into town, I went to the office. As I was checking paper work and emails, I was wanting to make sure that I knew without a doubt who I was going to vote for. My decision was made up. I did not waver.

Thus, I went over to our polling place (Red Cross) and casted my vote. I have a sticker to prove it. The debate and final jockeying for positon is definitely going on strong here in Ohio. I am assumming that it is in texas as well.

Why is Ohio so important ?

I live in Ohio, that is why :)

No, here are some facts:

- No one has won the presidency without winning Ohio since John F. Kennedy did it nearly 50 years ago.

- If the Democrats had carried Ohio in the last two presidential elections, they would have won the White House.

- In the past eight years, Ohio has lost more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs and the state's median income has fallen by nearly 10 percent.

- If Ohio were a country, it would have the 25th largest economy in the world, just behind the Netherlands

From the conversations that I am hearing, I think that the most important aspect in Ohio (for voters) is NAFTA and Health Care which both of them are obviously big tie ins to the jobs and economy in this region.

It's a political contest unlike any other in U.S. history, as a woman and an African-American battle for the Democratic presidential nomination and I was part of it as I casted my vote. I am relatively a young pup (35) and I would not have thought when I registered to vote 17 years ago that one day (relatively soon) I would be choosing a candidate that was not a white male. We have come along way in that area.

More on my Vote and Ohio Votes Later ....


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