Monday, March 03, 2008

A Poem on Pastors

Pastor, Lead our Circle Dance
by Thomas H Troeger

I think that is a good poem and just wanted to share ...

Pastor, lead our circle dance
Which the Spirit has begun
Help us hand in hand advance
Show us how to move as one.
Some demand a driving beat,
Others ask to slow the pace
Teach us how to bend and meet
Our conflicted needs with grace

From the center lead and show
steps and leaps we never tried,
Then allow the dance to flow,
dancing with us side by side.
Let each dancer take a turn,
Dancing in the center free
So that all can teach and learn
What our circle dance could be

If the circle gets too tight
Stop the dance and don’t begin
Till our open hands invite
all whom Jesus welcomes in.
For the dance of faith belongs
To the stranger in the street,
And we need their steps and songs
for the dance to be complete.

Pastor, lead our circle dance
As the Spirit leads and calls
till the circle’s whole expanse
moves beyond our bounds and walls
and we dance with distant suns
dancing in the dark above,
dancing as creation runs
on the energies of love


Wonder Woman said...

I like the idea of holding hands, singing, movement speaks a lot to me :)

Thank you for sharing the poem!

WW :)

Doorman-Priest said...

I enjoyed that, and me with an aversion to liturgical dance.

Jeff Greathouse said...

I like the dance metaphor as well. I think that we, as churches, need to enter into a dance with one another.

A great way for us to grow and become community, in my humble opinion.

Roland said...

Good poem.