Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Innocent Victims

During 2005, some 4.1 million people became infected with the human immunodefiency virus (hiv). The year also saw 2.8 million deaths from AIDS - a record global total, despite antiretroviral (ARV) therapy, which reduced AIDS-related death among those who received it.

The worst thing about HIV/AIDS is how it destroys the lives of its innocent victims. I'm talking about babies who are born HIV positive, little girls raped by their uncles and fathers, and even the women who are infected by the disease because their unfaithful husbands brought it home to their marriage beds. These victims are dyting by the hundreds of thousands. But numbers like this can be overwheling. Incomprehensible.

(pg. 57)

The innocent victims are the ones that I really shake my head at. I really do not understand this situation and all the ramifications. At times, it is easy to put this on the back burner because where I live, I do not see this or witness it. It is a world away.

However, just because it does not occur here and is a "world away" does not give me a "slip" on not being responsible and helping. In the near future, I will be sharing ways for us to get connected and to make a difference.

Also, by using the book, I am going to share you the story of specific individuals who are hurting and maybe we can see the disease from their eyes.

This is just one of the issues that I am struggling with and maybe this ties into with a bigger theological matter that I am wrestling with ... which is free will. If I get enough nerve, I will be blogging on that as well. I am not sure if I am ready to open up that can of worms, yet.

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