Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost: Season 4, Episode 8

For the most part, this episode was about Michael. Ummmm, I mean Kevin Johnson.

Once again, the show "showed" why it is one of the best on TV. It was a fantastic show and how they interwine the story line and develop the charachters is absolutely amazing.

Kevin Johnson (aka: Michael)

The episode shows us how the following:

Michael immediately goes to Friendly's hotel. Michael asks why his plane is on the bottom of the ocean. Friendly tells him it's not his plane, it's a phony. A man named Widmore staged the whole thing 'cause he doesn't want anyone finding where the real plane ended up. Friendly gives Michael a file with proof: the cemetery in Thailand where Widmore dug up the 324 graves for the corpses; the purchase order for the 777 through a shell company; the shipping logs from the freighter he used to drop the whole thing down a trench deep enough to guarantee that no remains would ever be identified.

In a few days Widmore has a freighter that's leaving port from Fiji. The Others have reason to believe he's found the coordinates of the island. They want Michael to be their spy on the boat. They've already arranged a job for him as a deckhand under the name Kevin Johnson. Michael asks why they think he'll work for them, and Friendly tells him if Widmore finds the island everybody on it dies. If Michael wants to redeem himself for what he did, this is his only chance. Michael says he can't go back to the island, and Friendly tells him he's not going back to the island. He's going on the freighter so he can kill everyone on board.

Sayid confronts Keven (Michael) ..... story develops and then ....

Back to the engine room as Michael finishes telling Sayid and Desmond his story. However, Sayid is not happy to hear that Michael is working for Benjamin Linus. He grabs Michael and forces him into Captain Gault's room. Sayid tells him Michael is the one who sabotaged the radio and engines. Michael was with him on flight 815, and he's a traitor.

Question: Is this how Sayid gets pulled in to working for Ben. is Sayid having to clean up the mess that he just created.


Before the writers strike ended, there was a possibility that we would only have 8 shows. Individuals were worried that the show would seem chopped up. The producers said, "if the strike is not over, episode 8 could actually be a good season ending." Well, I see what they mean, that it was and could have been. Thankfully, we do have 5more. Here is how the episode ended:

On the island, Rousseau, Alex and Karl stop for break on their way to the Temple. Suddenly, silenced bullet rounds whiz through the air, and Karl is hit! He falls over dead. They're under attack! Rousseau tells Alex she loves her very much, and on three they're going to get up and run. But when they take off, SSNAP! Rousseau is hit, and she falls over dead, too. Alex yells out to save her own life and tells them to stop shooting. She's Ben's daughter she's his daughter!

The Q's

Who are the "killers" ? Are they Ben's people and Ben put the hit out on them or was it the individuals from the frieghter. The helicopter was gone.


Who are the innocent people on the freighter that Ben is referring to ?????


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