Sunday, June 15, 2008

what are you broadcasting ??


Broadcast was the theme for the week at Big Stuf. I think that it was a very appropriate topic and the subjects that we dealt with were very practical to our lives. Each one of us is broadcasting a message. We need to take a look at our life and see what message we are broadcasting and see if it is the message that we want to be broadcasting OR the message that we should be broadcasting.

The picture above is our van. Before we left camp, he girls decided to "broadcast" the highlight of the weeks messages on the van for the trip home. There were 7 main sessions and the messages were the following:

Live Loud
Live Clear
Live True
Live Connected
Live Louder
Live Larger
Live Loved

I "may" break some of the messages down at a later date, but I am not sure. What I liked about the messages were that they were messages that have been stirring in my heart. It was about truly loving God and truly loving others and the "urgency" for us to be connected to one another.

We were challenged to give and not to be so selfish. Most of us, especially those in the States, are so blessed YET, we keep it for ourselves. It really is sad.

Another topic that was touched on that is a vital message; especially with teenagers was the fact that there will be pain and trouble in our lives and we need to learn how to live / deal with the issues that we face and how we can make sure that we broadcast a great message during that time.

I know that over I had to walk through some troubled water in 06-07 and I was constantly evaluating what message I was broadcasting and how I was wanting to be heard. It is a tough battle but on that we need to examine and look at.

My prayer is that when you suffer (and we surly do not hope/wish/pray that you will) that you can embrace the pain and it (the pain/suffering) becomes an avenue where you can broadcast your hope in God.

John 16:33 .... In this world, you will have trouble

and the church goes "amen" to that


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