Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alive 2008: Wednesday

A very quick update.

Yesterday, we went up to Alive. We got up there about 2:00. We unloaded half of our kitchen and outdoor furniture on the hill and relaxed for the afternoon. It was too chilly to swim, but I took the kids over to the lake and walked the grounds. We then went to our chairs and blankets and enjoyed 7+ hours of concerts.

We saw the following:

Mile 7
Phil Wickham
Parachute Band
Phil Joel
Jaci Velasquez
David Crowder Band

The kids did a great job listening to the bands and not getting board. They did have a little trouble with Red. They are a hard rock / metal band and the noise was a little much. Jacob especially commented that he felt the vibration in his chest. Thus, they walked the festival and picked them up some sncks: elephant ears, chocolate covered cheese cake and .........

Overall, the night was very good and we enjoyed being up there as a family. It was COLD though. It should not be that cold in June ... BRRRRRRRR

I did not have a camera out there. Stacey did. So maybe, I will place a few pictures up later. I am headed out in a few moments and we will be making a trek up there again today.

Stacey and Isaiah are really looking forward to Casting Crowns tonight.


Anonymous said...

Go see JOSH WILSON!!! And take pics!

Thoughts From Jeff said...

I saw him, I did not go up and take any pics. He is doing more throughout the weekend.

I should of tried to get a "pass" and say that I am working on a few pieces for Amy :)

Anonymous said...

I think today was his last day there. But you should be like, "I know Amy." That should produce hilarious laughter in and of itself. :)