Friday, June 13, 2008

Big Stuf: Through The Eyes of Reggie

This afternoon, I dropped Reggie a note on Facebook thanking him for his talks at Big Stuf. I really appreciate the time and energy and passion that he gives to family ministry and what changes we really need to make in church.

He had upload some great shots that he caught throughout the week. He is a talented photographer and with 'backstage" access, he came up with some wonderful shots that I want to share. So, props to Reggie.

Reggie, I hope that you do not mind that I am using them :)

African Children Choir

Jared Speaking: Final Night

Jaycee: The Sound Man

Slug: Drummer Maniac

Main Session: Pic From Back Of Room

We Are Redeemed: The Song

Time Of Worship


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff,
Just found your blog while searching for BigStuf stuff. We (your old youth group at Discovery) just got back from BigStuf today. Next year, the kids wanted to coordinate with you so we could all go on the same week. They had an amazing time, I'm sure yours did too. It was awesome, we've got a great group this year. We miss you and I hope you and your family is doing great. We miss those little ones singing :)


Jeff Greathouse said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am a little shocked that my blog was "up" there far enough on the search.

I am glad you found it and I would love to meet up with you guys next year.