Friday, June 20, 2008

Alive 2008: Thursday

Yesterday, we went up to the festival and had a great time. We got up there about 2:00 and set up our area on the hill. We had about 2 hours before the main events took stage. We sat on the blankets and read and played cards and walked around the festival grounds. It was very relaxing. I am reading the following books: Simple Church, Building a Church of Small Groups, and Communicating For Change. All three of them are really good.

When we download the pics, I will be putting up a few pics that might 'embarrass' my children. They are wonderful kids and are normally very easy going and care free. I mean, we were up there for 10 hours and they maybe had 5 bad minutes. Those five minutes though were picture capture worthy. For you see, they are all competive and the card game got intense and accussations of cheating occurred and when that comes, sad faces and mean looks and no's ring out .... thus, I will put them up :)

Here are the bands that we saw yesterday afternoon and evening:

Satellites & Sirens
Worth Dying For
Jared Anderson
Hawk Nelson
Josh Wilson
Casting Crowns

It was a very good day for concerts. I am looking forward to seeing what comes of Satellites & Sirens. They are a new band and they are actually going into the studio for the first time next month. I will be interested to see what type of a CD they come out with.

Worth Dying for did a very good job. They are playing 3x this year. Today, they are going to do a YouTube video for their concert.

Leeland was Leeland. They did a good worship set. You either love them or .......

Jared Anderson did a great job in leading the crowd. It was a good segway to the speaker.

The speaker ... I will remain silent

Hawk Nelson. They just plain rock and have a great time. I absolutely love watching them in concert. They are a group that I would love to hang out with.

Casting Crowns was very good. They did not do much off of their freshman album and there was some that I wish that they would have done. They have very powerful messages behind their songs. Mark is a little too evangelistic at times for me though.

More later. I need to finish up some things before we go to the Cleveland Clinic


Anonymous said...

You skipped talking about JW on purpose, just to annoy me, didn't you?

Drive safely to Cleveland.

Thoughts From Jeff said...


Yup, amy ... you know it. my whole purpose in life is to annoy you :)

The drive to Cleveland was good and safe and everything with her went fine - she has a great surgeon.

Anonymous said... was Josh Wilson?

Thoughts From Jeff said...


The best that I have ever seen :)