Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alive 2008: Photos

Here are some photos from Alive. These are not my pictures but they are pics from this years festival that other individuals took and placed on the great WWW for our viewing pleasure.

In these pictures, you will see the crowd, food vendors, the lake, people just having fun, swimming, skate park, volley ball and basketball and more.

The one good thing about Alive is that if "music" is not your thing .... you can find other things to do and pass your time. Thus, taking a group and camping out could be made a lot easier.

The Main Stage

Brady Quinn Giving a Passing Clinic

Diving Into The Lake

Food Vendors

Kids Having Fun - Is He Ready For Family Force 5

Skate Park


The Crowd

Volleyball & Basketball

I will put pictures up of the band later. We missed last night and it looks like that we are going to miss tonight as well. I will list the bands and information about them later.

I should place this as a separate post, but we are not going to Alive because we are headed to WV. My grandma is not doing well. More details when I have them.

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