Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jan. 1: Bowl Games

I have to admit that I would love to have a play-off system for college football. HOWEVER, because we have a bowl system ... Jan. 1 brings 14 hours of football. The games this year were fantastic.

At 11 am, I began watching the Tenn vs. Penn State game. In the end, PSU won the game. I only watched it for 30 minutes though .. I switched it to the Auburn / Nebraska game. In the end .. Auburn won. I only watched the game till halftime though because at 1 pm the tv had to be switched ..

At 1 pm. WVU took center stage for me. They were playing Ga Tech. It was a lot tougher and stressful then I was hoping for, but in the end, WVU pulled it out. It was great to watch the game with some of my ute leaders.

Then came the Rose Bowl. USC / Michigan battled it close in the first half but in the second half .. USC blew it open and took Michigan down.

The pic at top comes from the BSU vs. Oklahoma game. This game was unbelievable. The 4th quarter and OT may have been the best example of football that I have ever seen. Congratulations to BSU for the upset win over the Big Twelve Champs.

This is where I wish the play-off system was in place. I want to see BSU to move on and see of they could win it all. Can a 'non-major' win the National Championship ? We may never know or never see because of our current set-up.

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