Monday, January 15, 2007

Ugh on the Comp

The weather pic has disappeared and the video ( funny ) from Saturday would not load. Thus, the info on the blog - is not exactly what I wanted. The funny thing - and the only thing you can do is laugh - is that it was a tech nightmare all around this weeked. Some of the other tech woes:

1. The church copier / printer went down on Friday. Thus, everything that I needed to print out and use for the weekend was un-accessible.

2. The youth computer ( youth room ) would not display the images out. The computer worked fine but nothing went out to the screens - so for the worship - lessons - games - nada.

3. Password over-ride. We are switching some users - so username/passwords were greated at the church - we can now not get into the youth financial account ...

The list could go on .. but I will stop. In a weird sense, it was a blessing that this occurred because even though the initial frustration was high and it caused us to want to smash some equipment - it gave us a great time to slow down.

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