Thursday, January 11, 2007

Success in YM: Question # 1

Question number 1 from the article that I am expounding on and reflecting on was the following: Am I programming or incubating ?

I think that I am currently in the the incubating stage but I am not far removed from the programming stage. There are "programs" that are going on but these are our regular Sunday night program and Confirmation. We are not doing any extra big programs so we can try to reach 'just one more'.

How am I going to do this or how am I do this .... For me, it is about one-on-one time with my adults. I am investing more into their lives, so they can be fed, encouraged and ready to serve our students. I am also developing student ministry teams. This ministry is in the infancy stages and already "shifting" where I am investing my time into these students lives ( incubating them ) so they can reach out to their friends and develop ministries.

I am hoping in 2007 that I will move far away from the programming aspect and trul;y spending time with individuals. It comes down to this one sentence: More effort into changing lives personally rather than affecting a few impersonally.

It is a natural tendency though I think to add more programs to make it look like we are doing a lot and reaching alot. When you draw back from that, you can open yourself up to "failure" and people questioning our motives. A lot of times, people want to be "comfortable".

In my life stage, I am not happy with comfortable. The tough question for me to answer may be the following: What ministries may I need to "kill" in order to make more room for incubation ?

What about you and your ministry ? Where are you at ? Where are you headed ?

What would happen if we as a whole ( ym community ) would spend more time with our current kids instead of pouring our tired selves and our tired volunteers into new programs to try to reach - just one more ....

Help me think ...

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