Friday, January 12, 2007

The Weather Is Bad

The picture above is from steam coming up from the manhole covers. The nation has been getting hit with bad weather and it is barreling down on the midwest.

Once again, it looks like we will get fortunate and not get hit, but that is not true for everyone. Here are some of the wonderful stories that are coming out:

Freezing rain fell in the nation's midsection Friday, and temperatures plunged from Minnesota to Las Vegas as a storm rolled in that could leave several states coated in ice.

Several inches of ice was expected in parts of Kansas by the end of the weekend.

In Minnesota, the temperature dropped to 24 below zero around dawn Friday in Hallock, in the state's northwestern corner, the National Weather Service said. Winds up to 25 mph made it feel closer to 40 below zero in much of western Minnesota.

If you want cold / freezing rain / ice / snow, this may be your weekend. We will see how all the weather plays out.

For those of you that was expecting a Bush / Iraq post today with it being news day on my blog, I apologize. There is definitely happening after his speech and the House reaction, the Senate action and the world. Maybe, I will post about it after all the dust settles.

I just don't get it ....

Bit doing a little weather post and a reminder for years down the road .. was much more pleasant to write on ;)

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