Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Success in YM: Question # 4

I had to use this photo of a "big mouth". The reason for the mouth is to symbolize question number 4 which is the following:

Am I Talking my F or am I Living My Faith ?

I think that I am going to regretfully say that I am currently talking more than living. With that I mean from what my students see. At this stage in my ministry, I am doing quite a bit of teaching - but the teaching is verbal - classroom instruction - not hands on - out in the world doing.

One of the areas we have not tapped into yet is being with the students in regular teaching moments outside of our normal ministry. We need to take steps where we as a group is living more and talking less.

I, myself, will need to step up and lead the charge and begin to be involved in more hands on ministry opportunities.

More Thoughts On That Later.

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