Friday, January 19, 2007

Critique is Poisonous

Ahhhhhhh, it is starting to heat up. Look at this opening paragraph from Yahoo News: In a critique the White House labeled as "poisonous," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi charged Friday that President Bush is wading too deeply into
Iraq and said it should not be "an obligation of the American people in perpetuity."

Pelosi said Bush "has dug a hole so deep he can't even see the light on this. It's a tragedy. It's a stark blunder."

Individuals are saying that this will hurt the bipartisan goverment that could be taken place ... yup it might.

But, let me say this, " at times, we need to take a long look at a situation and speak truthfully and call it as we see it ".

We are in the process of a strategy change that can cost us a lot more soldiers in the region and a whole bunch more $$. We need to take a strong look at this and give it a correct assessment.

President Bush, Republicans and war supporters remember this when you throw out the bipartisan argument: The bipartisan Iraq Study Group recommended removing U.S. combat troops by early next year, and changing the U.S. mission from security to training and logistical support of Iraqi troops.

so, let's fight it out on the house .. let it get a little ugly .. let's have both sides air their difference and views and maybe this can be a great lesson to all of us on conflict resolution.

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