Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Success in YM: Question # 3

Question # 3: Am I Focused On The Size Of My Group ?

This is a very difficult question for me to look at and for me to examine. I think that the main reason is because there is often a false impression that huge numbers = huge success and that is just not true.

However, I am tempted at times to want to reach for the stars and grab the numbers so I can point and say, " see, we are successful ". Thankfully, I am involved in a church that does not place the focus there. Yes, we are a church that averages over 600 on Sunday's ( see pointing to a number ) but we put the emphasis on are we doing ministry that emphasizes our core values.

I also have a SP that stands up for me in the following ways: He looks at a person and says, " no, we may not have more than X church on Sunday night. However, the reason for that is simple: we are doing a bible study and they are playing basketball and open gym night - focuses are completely different.

I can also say at times that I do not focus " on numbers " because I came from a YM that had "bigger #'s". In my heart of heart, it is not on the numbers but it is still in me when I am going home on Sunday night and the following scenario creeps in before I can "stomp" it out ...

We had 42 tonight, so .... STOP IT !!!!

It is about the students and adults that are there. Are we creating a safe enviorment for them. Are we striving to be a place where they can be relational and be authentic. Are the things that we are doing .. are they relevant and exciting .. are we fulfilling our vision and mission.

So, I will admit, at times I struggle with numbers but I am trying to make sure that is not where my focus is ... it is about who is there and who we are.

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