Tuesday, January 09, 2007

U of F: National Champions

It was not even close. The game was a blow-out. The University of Florida absolutely dominated the Ohio State team. A complete mis-match. I have been stating that the Big Ten was over-rated this year and that Ohio State and Michigan was not that good.

I think with both of them getting humiliated in the bowl games, that it brings some truth to the matter.

Listed below are some clips from yahoo.

Florida embarrassed Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith and No. 1 Ohio State 41-14 on Monday night to run away with the college football national championship.

Troy Smith, meanwhile, joined a long list of Heisman Trophy quarterbacks — Jason White, Eric Crouch and Gino Torretta, among them — to fall apart in bowl games. He was just 4-for-14 with one interception and never showed off his elusive running.

Moss ( defensive player for U of f )had some tough words for Ohio State:

"Honestly, we've played a lot better teams than them," Moss said. "I could name four or five teams in the SEC that could probably compete with them and play the same type of game we did against them."

So, congrats to the U of F for capturing the National Championship in football. Also, congrats to U of F for being the only NCAA school ever to be holding both the National Championship trophy in Football & Basketball.

Oh, it is Tuesday .. so, Tuesday is now revealed: Tuesday will be about sports.

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