Monday, January 08, 2007

A Long Day

At 8 pm on Sunday, this is how I felt. I was completely exhausted. It was a long day in the life of the church.

On Sunday morning, I had a reading and invite in all three services and did class room check-in's for the middle school and high school Sunday school class. The morning went well. The worship service was geared on the Epiphany. I do like the modern service better ( 2 & 3 ) but the song selection for the message tie in was much better in the 1st ( traditional songs ).

I did take an hour break after the service before gearing up for a long afternoon and evening. In the afternoon, I set up all three meeting areas and last minute read throughs of the schedule for the night and then met with eric to go over the slides for the messages.

Then the fun began.

Last night, was the first night of our new format. We open the doors at 4:30 (instead of 5:00) for open fellowship. Then ministry began at 5 pm. The worship time was good. We do need to work on better seating / viewing options - those in the back - could not see when we stood up. My message was satisfactoy. I should have just let "Pink" do the teaching. I used a song from her last night and did a pp presentation to it. I wanted to use the video - but the video is inappropriate ( IMO ) to show.

From there, we wnet into confirmation class ( those not in confirmation went up stairs ). We have 21 students signed up for confirmation - it is going to be an interesting class.

After confirmation, I had a student leadership meeting. The student leadership meeting is now a teaching time - we did "decision making". Thus, last night in the span of 2 1/2 hours: I preached, taught confirmation and led a student training time ... I was zonked.

When we got home at 8:15, I was a "bad" dad and told the boys to head up to my room and watch disney, so I could stare at the tv down stairs and eat and "recoup".

That worked great until, Isaiah had the worst bloody nose I have seen in a long time. I think after sleeping in ( 8:30 ) I am re-charged. Ohhh, btw, it is Monday and on Monday's is going to be Sunday recap days :) My wife thinks that I am off my rocker for specifying what I am going to write on certain days. Oh well.

BTW, there may be random posts through out the week ( off of the subject at hand posts ).

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