Monday, January 22, 2007

B-Ball and More

This weekend was a very good weekend. It was a very relaxing weekend in a sense but yet the calendar was still filled - if that makes any sense at all.

On Friday, we went over to Illinois. The boys went to see the Globetrotters play basketball against the Nationals and the girls went to Red Lobster. We stayed the night there and then headed across the state-line back to Indiana.

On Saturday, I had a leaders meeting and a dinner with them. It was a casual meeting, even though we did didscuss some vital issues and then we went out to eat at the Other Pub. The sandwich was not bad, but I am not sure if it will make it to my list of places that I must go and eat at.

Then on Sunday was the three servcies, sunday night and confirmation time. Overall, it went well even though while I was speaking, I thought about placing my notes aside and saying, " let's just play ". It just did not seem right last night.

After coming home, I flipped on the game: Colts/Pats. For awhile, it looked liked the Pats were going to steal the show but the Colts came back and won in the last minute. It is going to be a Colts / Bears Super Bowl which will make it interesting here.


'neice said...

What did you think of the Globetrotters? They came to SJ as well and I worked both shows (only got to see 1 though). I thought it was OK...but from what I understand this is the same show from forever ago.

Jeff Greathouse said...

It was good. It was only the second time that I saw them - 20+ years ago and it pretty much was the same routine.

I think that my boys almost liked the activities outside of the game more. Trampoline slams etc ...

It is interesting though that things that worked 50 years ago for them - still pretty much work today.

From the game standpoint, the first 3 quarters was very good. The 4th quarter ( football scenario ) was way too long and a drag ( with the exception for them doing it in reverse ).