Saturday, October 13, 2007

Way To Go 'Cats

WoW .. the Cats did it. They beat the #1 team in the land (LSU). They were down and came back to tie it up. They then played solid in overtime and came out with the win in the 3rd OT. I can not believe this year in college fb; the upsets keep coming.


Alan Knox said...


As an Auburn fan, I was very excited to see Kentucky beat LSU!


Jeff Greathouse said...

Alan, my boys were happy about the game as well.

Isaiah is an Auburn fan and Jacob is an Alabama fan. They are both hoping for their team to represent the west.

It is odd to see UK playing well in fb

Dale Sheehy/Youth Minister said...

AAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! Hats off to Kentucky! You can't take anything away from them. As much as I hate it, they beat LSU!

Jeff Greathouse said...


It was unbelieveable !

I did not think they were going to come back - mid of 3Q

joe said...

paving the way for OSU. thanks kentucky.

Jeff Greathouse said...


OSU is # 1

I am not sure if that is a safe place though :)

I guess they deserve to be there, but they have not beat anyone.

I think they would beat S. Florida but I think S. Florida might deserve # 1 right now with beating 2 top 15 teams.

BTW, I will be at the OSU vs. MSU game on Saturday.