Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Tonight, we did Trunk-Or-Treat at church. This was the first year that Zion has done Trunk-Or-Treat. Anytime that you do something for the first time, it is always a little "spooky" on how it will turn out.

For those of you who do not know, we are a downtown church. We try to do activities and ministries for the individuals who live downtown. We thought that providing a place for the kids to trick-or-treat would be a nice thing. So, we asked the church to come and park their cars, open up their trunks and pass out candy to the children. We had a great response from the church.

On Saturday, we had individuals that came to the church building and we went around the neighborhood passing out door knob hangers advertizing the event. We also contacted the paper and had fliers out at the elementary school.

We had 25 individuals that brought their cars and set it up in the parking lot. We also had numerous individuals in our church that brought candy so there would be more candy for the kidios and individuals who brought cookies for a cookie table.

It was a NO AGENDA night. No adv for our church, no fliers passing out, no pamphlets on the evil of Halloween. It was just a place where kids/parents could circle the parking lot and get candy in a "safer" enviorment. We had a very good turnout. I have no idea how many kids/teenagers/parents came through. We did not worry about a count.

Here are a few photos below:


Alan Knox said...

Great Jeff! Thanks for the pics!


Jeff Greathouse said...

Thanks Alan; BTW, I am the "pirate" on the 8th photo.

We had a ball. My evil halloween CD music going through my an (last car) drained the battery

'neice said...

We had out 3rd annual T&T Wednesday. I plan to post pix, but blogger was being well..."blogger" and so I have to try again later!

Jeff Greathouse said...

Yup 'neice ... blogger can be blogger at times with their photos.

But I am comfortable here (for now)

I love the event. We will be adding other aspects next year.