Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sex, Deceit, and Murder

No, those are not the three words that are going to be the storyline for next week's tv series: Dirty Sexy Money TV Show Well, maybe it will be. However, that is not what this post is about.

There is a story of a very powerful man. His country was at war and he was commanding the war from the comfort of his palace ( no, this post is not about President Bush ). One day, he stepped outside of his palace and saw a very hot woman.

He decided to invite her over to his palace and they had sex. Not much later the woman contacted him and said, " I am pregnant ". The man was a little distressed and he decided that he needed to cover up his mistake. Thus, the story turns into a plot of deceit. For you see, the young woman that got pregnant; she had a husband and he was off to war under the direction of the very powerful man.

Thus, the powerful man sent off for the lady's husband. He wanted to give him a break from the war. He wanted him to have some R&R at his house and with his wife. The powerful man was stunned when he learned the young gent did not sleep with his wife but stayed outside. The young man thought it was unfair since the others did not have the opportunity. The powerful man then had to take it a step further. He got the young lad drunk and surely he would then be with his wife. Nope, it did not work.

The powerful man knew that he would have to take more drastic approach. So, he sent the young man back to the war and put him on the front line and made the army retreat so the young lad would get killed. The young lad did get killed. The young wife mourned.

After the mourning, the powerful man called her in and they got married and had their child.

Wow what a story. The story is from the bible. It is the story of David, Bathsheba, and Uriah

Today, in confirmation, we had this lesson. There was not 1 student who had heard the story. Our lesson was Do Not Commit Sexual Sins. We are going through the 10 Commandments. We, as Lutherans, take a look at the positive side. So, our take was that we need to have healthy relationships.

I have to admit, I was in shock that none of the 8 students had heard the story. Some of them even seemed to be in shock that I was reading such a story from the Bible.

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