Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Go Woo !

The picture above is a pic of the Wooster band spelling out Woo. Their chant is Go Woo ! Last night, we went and saw the band performed. I always find it a little ironic when you go watch the marching band inside where they are sitting down in their chairs. Maybe it is just me.

However, they did a great job on their songs and it was a good relaxing night. I did not have the opportunity to see any of the students or the majority of the parents though. That was a little bit of a downer. But, we were there and loved the music. We have quite a few kids from the church that are in the band and are leaders in the band; so that is very cool. They are very talented.

So, if any of you students / parents are checking in; congrats on a great night. We (the three kids and me ) enjoyed it.

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