Monday, October 01, 2007

Pictures, Litter & Genocide

These are the three things that are activities or concerns from my children. It is very interesting to see and watch this. I am not sure how this will develop or if it will continue, but this is what I am seeing / hearing.

Bethany: Pictures

Bethany loves drawing pictures and she LOVES giving them away. She does this in the hopes that it will cheer someone up. This last month, she has made pictures for a lot of people. Some of them include the lady at the bakery counter, the pizza woman, the cashier at the store and a soccer mom. The one that "touched" my heart the most was when we went to get donuts. She made a pic to give to the bakery lady saying, "she can't be with her kids in the morning, we need to cheer her up"

Jacob: Litter

Jacob is our enviorment boy. He pushes for recycling constantly and he gets frustrated with trash on the ground. On Saturday, we were at the soccer fields for Bethany's game; Jacob was out picking up the trash. As we were getting ready to leave, he asked me if he could being a trash bag each way and pick up trash. Yes Jacob, you can do that. So, his coal is to have a liter-free place.

Isaiah: Genocide

Isaiah has always championed "big causes". A few weeks ago we were in the car and he said that he was mad because there were so many people killing people. we have recently heard a few "genocide" stories and this has caused him to be concerned for them - especially those in Africa. We are not sure what we (he) will do yet, but he is looking at a way to help. Jacob did give him some info: isaiah if you decide to go, I am staying back; I do not want to die. We are going to look at some projects this next week.


Trev Diesel said...

Kalli says thanks for HER picture!


Jeff Greathouse said...

Thanks Trev, Bethany has something else that she will be mailing. She is very disappointed that she can't just see her :(