Monday, October 08, 2007

The Recap ....

Stacey is home and we did survive. We did not do a great deal while she was gone but we had fun. Some of the things we did were the following (Thurs-Sat):

- video game day
- soccer practice
- movie night
- dinner with pa pa
- soccer games
- donut day
- pick up mommy

I did attempt to pull B's hair up on Saturday morning, but she had a wing; so I took the ponytail out and took the comb and bands to the game and asked one of the teenage girls to handle it for me. She just laughed - oh, well.

We survived and had a good time and mom (wife) seemed to have a good 5 days and that is what matters in the end.


Angie said...

That so sounds like Chris! One Sunday morning, I was too sick to go to Chris took Gracie's ponytail holder and a comb and a teenage girl fix her hair. Too funny.

Jeff Greathouse said...

I do not think I can master the art