Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Walking With The Dinosaurs

Watch The Promo

On Saturday, I took Jacob to the show. He has loved dinosaurs since he was born and has told us since he was the age of 3 that when he grows up that he is going to be a palentologist.

We went up to the Q in Cleveland to see the show. It was a good experience. We went with the Parks & Recreation Department. It was a little "pricy" however this was a special treat. Each one of the three kids are going to get a special treat this summer. It is one on one time and it is geared to what they like and they do not know what they are doing.

Jacob was pretty excited about the trip.

Jacob on the Bus to .......

Jacob Eating Cookie Dough Ice Cream beforehand

Outside of the Q

Pics from Show may come up later ......


Dale Sheehy said...

That's a great ice cream face! Glad you guys had fun!

Jeff Greathouse said...


We did and he LOVED the ice cream