Friday, July 18, 2008

Building a Church of Small Groups

Building a Church of Small Groups: a place where nobody stands alone was a ook that I finished up recently. This book was place on my "to read" list BECASUSE we are making some shifts into this direction.

The shift for us is going to begin to swing in September '08. I am "leading" the charge. Well, at least that is the intent anyway. But the post is not about our change; that will come in due time BUT it is about the book.

I think that the book has great value and some of the writing is extremely insightful. Much of the material will find its way into our promotion and articles to share about groups and what they will mean to us.

The book is a very practical book and it is divided up into 4 different sections. The sections are the folloing;

- making the case for community
- pursuing community in small groups
- developing leaders of small groups
- leading a church of small groups

If you would take a look at my book, you would see many pages folded it. There are sentences that are stared and words that are underline. Big circles encompass a few areas with words USE IN ARTICLE. The book is chalked full of useful material; especially in our case.

However, there is one sentence that jumped out to me. Now, it was not new because I have heard it before but ooohhhhhhh, it rings so true and is close to my heart. Here is the nugget of truth:

We want to encourage you to become people who know and are known, who care and are cared for, who forgive and are being forgiven, who love and are being loved.

that is a burning desire.

To be in an intimate group where I could give and receive those four things would be wonderful.

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