Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today was my day to go up to the Viola Clinic. The Viola Clinic is our communities Free Medical Clinic. I go up there to give a helping hand. No, do not worry, I am not giving medical advice and they do not give me free reign with the needles. I am one of the behind the scenes people.

My job is rather simple, I take individuals medical files that have visited the clinic and I refile them back into their system. After I finish filing the medical files, I go to three of the workers and shred their papers.

Today, Stacey was up at the Cleveland Clinic with Bethany, so I had the boys with me. Thus, they went ip to the clinic with me. They were fantastic and everyone commented on how well they were.

The reason for this post is to notice the fact of how "nice" the place is to go to. They are so friendly and welcoming to everyone and as you watch people "scurring" around; you can not tell who wprks there and who volunteers there; which I think is very cool. You really feel like you are part of a caring community ..... which leads me to the church.

Is that how it is in the church ?

I believe that most churches need work in that area.


Alan Knox said...


Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope you share more about how you serve people.

By the way, are you in the Cleveland area? I have a friend who is applying for a job in the Cleveland Clinic.


Jeff Greathouse said...


I think that I will begin to do so.

Yes, we are about an hour south of Cleveland. We are at the Cleveland Clinic on the averagof once a month - sometimes 3-4 times.