Saturday, July 19, 2008

Invisible .....

That is how I felt when I went to church tonight.

I decided to go to church and be a visitor. I almost had to put my coat on even though it was 84 degrees outside - it was that cold.

Some of the things that occurred:

- I walked right pass the ushers and they did not give me a bulletin
- No one in the service greeted me
- I sat on the right side of the church - alone
- The folks doing the offerring, did not even come to me, had money in my hand

It was cold. They had a fellowship time afterwards. If I went there, maybe it would have been different. But, I was in "visitor" mode. If someone would have asked me to go down, I would have joined them.

The pastor did yell to me as I was leaving/exiting, "Nice to have you, hope you come back".

I think that I am going to visit a few more and see how I am treated. Then I need to reflect and see how we (Zion) treat guests.

Oh, and no I did not hide in the crowd, there were about 45 people there. My appearence may have spooked them. Maybe, if I clean up and take my family, it will make a difference.

I can/will NOT let this bitter me though. They are a church in our community and I want US to be able to do ministry events together. I went there to meet some of them but after they (the hosts) did not greet me, I decided that I would/will wait for another day.

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Doorman-Priest said...

This is quite disturbing, but, sadly, not untypical I would guess.