Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kids Care Club

Today, I went over and had a meeting with the new Wooster City School Superintendent, Michael Tefs. It was a very good meeting. I went over to him to ask about partnering with the schools; especially the elementary schools to launch a Kids Care Club in Wooster. The meeting went very well. He also seems like a great guy and has passion and zeal about making our district a great district.

However, I want to share with you about KCC today. Here is some information:

What are Kids Care Clubs?

Kids Care Clubs are groups of kids who work together to help others around the world. The fact is, a Kids Care Club can be started with friends, a school class, an after-school program, or as a club within any youth organization.

All it takes is a group of eager elementary and middle school kids, plus and adult “facilitator” who keeps things organized and helps kids carry out their service projects.

Kids Care Clubs is dedicated to developing compassion and inspiring a spirit of volunteering in elementary and middle school children.

And remember, when kids work together with a little help from a caring adults, wonderful things happen !

What do Kids Care Clubs do?

Our country and our world face serious social issues, such as poverty, illiteracy, hunger, children in foster care and more. The kids of today will inherit these problems and must work toward solutions. And the truth is those solutions will come more quickly if a devotion to serving others begins early in life.

That’s what Kids Care Clubs are about. Each month, the clubs tackle a new project. Each project deals with a social issue like those mentioned above. Other projects are timed to holidays and special events – such as Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Day and Earth Day.

So Kids Care Club members don’t just learn about problems – they get the tools to start solving them.

How do Kids Care Clubs Help Others?

People at home and around the world are helped all year long through the compassion and spirit of Kids Care Clubs members.

Through hands-on service projects such as Eat Wise-Exercise, Team Up for Kids in Foster Care and holiday Hope Chests members of Kids Care Clubs help the eldery, hungry, homeless, disabled, sick and victims of disasters.

How do Kids Care Clubs Help Make A Brighter Future?

When kids learn at a an early age that caring about others make a real difference, the lessons can last a lifetime. By serving others, kids connect with people from different economical situations. With a wider, more tolerant view of the world they live in, kids grow into empowered adults, devoted to service.

Did You Know?

Quaker is proud to be the Premier Partner of Kids Care Clubs. The Club is a program of Points of Light & Hands on Network

There are more than 75,000 kids in 1,400 registered Kids Care Clubs. Kids Care Clubs are not only in the U.S. but also in Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia


We are going to be launching our KCC this year. We will be having our "kick-off" on Saturday, August 23rd to let the kids and the parents know about the program. We will then have our first meeting on September 3rd. Our meetings will be the First Wednesday of the month.

At these meetings, we will celebrate our past successes and plan what the up-coming programs and service projects will consist of. We will also have time of fellowship and team-building during the meetings.

The program will be for all children in grades K-8.

We are looking forward to having children serve in our community.

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