Monday, January 14, 2008

Wellness '08: Week 1 Update

Alrightee. I stated that there were 4 areas that I was going to "focus" on in January - March. Thus, to keep me "accountable", I am putting it out there.

1. Walk where I can

I accomplished this task. To me, this is one that is fairly easy. I walked the boys to school every morning and then walked down to the church. It is about .7 of a mile to do both. I then walked home for lunch .4 of a mile. After lunch, I walked back to church and then in the afternoon, I walked to the school and back home and 2x, I walked back to the church to finish up items and then back home. Thus, I am walking a little over 2 miles a day in the "everyday tasks category". I also have walked to the bank, the grocery store, and the insurance agents office. so, i can check off this one for week one.

2. Go to the YMCA and Cycle

Ummmm, I failed this one. However, I did take a step in the right direction by buying a pair of tennis shoes this week. i had no shoes. So, I took a step, right ??

Even though today is "week 2" ... i took another step today. I did not make it cycling but I went up to the pool at 5:30 am this morning and did laps in the pool.

3. Please hand me the water bottle.

This is the easiest for me. I have the water bottle at my desk and I drink my water faithfully at the desk and while at home ... I have a snapple bottle that I drink from. So, I am "flushing" myself out.

4. Eat More Regularly

This was tough but I accomplished it. This is the first time in probably 12 years that I ate 3 meals a day ... all 7 days. They may not be the meals that I need to be eating but it is a good baby step.

I am keeping track of myself on the scale. I am weighing myself every Monday. I am going to keep numbers hussssssshed for the first few weeks ... maybe months though.

Week 2, we will go 4/4

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