Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vocational Well-Being

Vocational Well-Being

Vocational Well-Being is one of the 5 spokes that I have been going through. Here are the list of the spokes:

Spiritual Well-Being
Intellectual Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Emotional Well-Being
Social and Interpersonal Well-Being


There is a call to us, a call to service – that we join with others to try to make things better in this world. - Dorothy Day

Research on the health of Protestant clergy in the 1970’s and 80’s showed that, compared to European-American males, clergy lived longer and healthier for almost every cause of death studied. Studies in occupational medicine show that workers who are more satisfied with their jobs, feel that they have more say in their jobs, or feel they have support from management have fewer injuries or health problems. Although more recent research indicates high levels of stress by survey and by stress-related problems, clergy also indicate a greater level of job satisfaction.

Using the gifts that God has given us to serve God by serving others in this world is an inspirational calling. It should never leave us with the thought, ”What am I doing in this dead-end job?” Having vocation wellness, then, is accepting that call, recognizing and developing our gifts, seeking a proper fit where out talents and gifts can best be used to serve, and maximizing our health in order to continue to be inspired and be able to inspire others to serve God.

1 Peter 5:1-4

I appeal to you to be shepherds of the flock that God gave you and to take care of it willingly, as God wants you to, and not unwillingly. Do your work, not for mere pay, but from a real desire to serve. Do not try to rule over those who have been put in your care, but be examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the glorious crown which will never lose its brightness.”

Now, even though this write-up was geared to pastors, I believe that it "bleeds" out across the board. It is very important that the "job" that you are in is a job that is not leading you to a "mental-breakdown". As mentioned in the emotional well-being section, i think that your vocational well-being has a HUGE impact on your emotional state. It is VITAL to be in a position and place where you are healthy. I am thankful to be in a vocational place where I feel called, loved, accepted and healthy.

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