Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Well-Being

We are taking a look at five different spokes. Today, I am taking a look at the Emotional Well-Being aspect. Here are the five spokes:

- Spiritual Well-Being
- Intellectual Well-Being
- Physical Well-Being
- Social and Interpersonal Well-Being
- Vocational Well-Being

According to a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report on “Health and Health Care 2010”, it is anticipated that heart disease will be the number one cause of death and disability, followed by mental illness (especially depression), and then cancer.

Matthew 5:6 - "Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully!”
There are no simple answers to why there is so much depression today, and the importance of counseling and of appropriately prescribed medicines to treat depression cannot be underestimated. The stress of our busy lives and demanding occupations does not always seem to allow for some of the activities that keep our emotions and energies up – such as recreational exercise, adequate sleep, healthy sex and intimacy, or peaceful meditation.

Our work consumes such a significant percent of our waking hours that job satisfaction and personal reward are critical to emotional health. Research has shown that among clergy, Protestant clergy had the highest overall work-related stress and were next to the lowest in personal resources to cope with the occupational strain. Additionally, research has found that almost one in three pastors leaving ordained ministry had family difficulties, and clergy ran third in percentage among professionals who are divorced.

Each of us needs to regularly examine our lives and our emotional status. Are we living our lives healthfully, in service to God, and fully enjoying all the gifts that God has given us?

At the present time, I believe that I am very healthy in regards to my emotional well-being. The ministry, job, and church that I work with and serve at is a big reason for this. I spend 1/3 of my life in that area (if you have to departmentalize; which I do not like) thus it is crucial that this area is positive. With it being positive, it is easier to have my emotional health where it needs to be.

I ask you to take a look at your life. Take inventory where you spend the majority of your time (work?)and see how it is going. If you are in a unhealthy work environment or an a unhealthy place (where you spend the majority of your time) then I ask (urge) you to take stock (inventory) on your emotional health and monitor it closely.

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