Monday, January 28, 2008

Wellness '08 Update: Week 3

I can celebrate tonight, right ?

It has been 21 days since I have implented a few changes in my lifestlye.

I have been eating balance meals with more fruit. This has been a huge deal for me. I am not a person to eat 3 meals a day; yet I have done it. My portions have also been smaller at dinner and I am not doing as many late night snacks. The big change is the servings in my fruits. I have really added those elements to my life.

I am a walking maniac

I love walking. Now let me say, I like walking in real life. By that, I mean, I can not do a treadmill. On a treadmill, you are not going anywhere. I like going from point A to point B. I am enjoying walking to school, to the church, to the stores and more. When I am driving to a store, I try to park in the parking space the most distance to the door.

Water, Water and more Water I am a drinking fool. I like my bottle. Step back from the bottle and no one will get hurt. The biggest change has been at work. Instead of cup after cup after cup of coffee, I have my water. No, I have not given up coffee, just limiting my intake.

On to the next 21 days, these should be easier.

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