Monday, January 07, 2008

Bible in One Hand & Gym Bag in the Other

In the recent magazine "the Lutheran", there was an advertisement from the ELCA Board of Pensions about the Wellness Journey. I have decided that in 2008, I need to focus on some physical and spiritual wellness.

I am going to try to break down the calendar year in "quarters" and focus on different aspects to get me more "fit" by the end of the year.

January - March

During this three month period, I am going to focus on the following:

1. Walk where I can

This should be a fairly easy step for me. I already walk the kids to school and to the church everyday. I also walk back to the school and home after the day is over. However, if there is anything that I need to do "downtown", I am going to hopefully walk.

2. Go to the YMCA and Cycle

I can tell that I am "out-of-shape" with my cardio. I think that it was evident the last weekend in December. While at the retreat, the b-ball game and the trail walking and the "hikes" up the hill made me "windy". Thus, I am going to go to the Y 3/4 x a week and ride. At the present time, I am not sure how much I am going to do (or try). I really do not have a "logical number" in my head. If anyone wants to throw out a suggestions, please do.

3. Please hand me the water bottle.

Drinking water is usually an "easy" thing for me to do when I am "committed". However, I have not been committed and I have not been drinking water like I should. Thus, I have my "jug" on my desk that I will be filling and hopefully, the water intake will be high (flush me out).

4. Eat More Regularly

I need to eat more regularly. I have a bad habit of "not eating" in the morning and early afternoon and it catches up with me and I eat more in late afternoon / evening. Thus, I am going to spread the food out more during the day.

Those our the four physical aspects that I am going to put into place for me over the next three months. Hopefully, these little changes will make a difference and they will help me make bigger changes and strides in April - June time period.

I will go ahead and put my "weight" out there; so I can monitor that as well on a weekly basis (Monday's). I (have a goal in my mind) will not share what I hope/want to get to and maintain but I will share that my weight this morning was 193.5

On the spiritual side ......

I am going to focus on 2 things. I am going to go through the Psalms and I am going to practice the body prayers.

Alright, let us begin the jouney.

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